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  1. Beef Improvement Federation ( annually cooperates with USMARC to make available and publicize a table of adjustment factors which can be added to current expected progeny differences (EPDs) to compare animals from 18 different beef breeds for weight and carcass traits.  USMARC produces the table based on data from cooperating breed associations and from the Germplasm Evaluation Program at MARC.
  2. American Sheep Industry Association, Centennial, Colorado ( and USMARC scientists interact closely to focus on important industry issues and to transfer technology to producers.
  3. U.S. Sheep Experiment Station, USDA, ARS, Dubois, Idaho  and USMARC geneticists collaborate to evaluate three maternal lines of sheep that differ in reproductive rate.
  4. Animal Disease Research Unit, USDA, ARS, Pullman, Washington, U.S. Sheep Experiment Station, USDA, ARS, Dubois, Idaho and USMARC scientists collaborate  to investigate genetic resistance of sheep to ovine progressive pneumonia.
  5. National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium (, an organization including scientists at several universities, and MARC scientists work closely to improve the genetic evaluation of beef cattle, including the incorporation of genomic predictions.

Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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