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Justin Reeves

Post Doc
Research Ecologist

High Plains Grasslands Research Station
8408 Hildreth Road
Cheyenne, Wy 82009

Phone: 307-772-2433 Ext. 103

Research           Publications



Ph.D.       Ecology        Kent State University                          2010

B.A.         Biology         Western State College of Colorado     2006


Research Interests

Though my specific research interests are various, I enjoy interfacing basic and applied ecology by using data at multiple spatial, temporal, and ecological scales to answer important natural resource management questions. My current work with the ARS involves using long-term cattle production and weather data to elucidate the effects of climate change and variability on cattle production. One aim of this work is to develop decision support tools to help cattle producers optimize stocking rates based on climatic conditions, thereby minimizing enterprise risk. My prior research has focused on biological control of aquatic and wetland plants, along with phytophagous insect ecology and behavior. Whether on the level of an individual organism (e.g., behavior) or meta-analysis across systems, ecological and resource management questions can and should be examined at many scales. As such, this is a cohesive theme bridging the spectrum my work.


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Reeves, J. L., and P. D. Lorch. 2012. Biological control of invasive aquatic and wetland plants by arthropods: a meta-analysis of data from the last three decades.  BioControl 57: 103-116.

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