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Brauer, David
Research Leader
(806) 567-4520
USDA-ARS Conservation & Production Research Lab
P.O. Drawer 10 (2300 Experiment Station Rd-ship)
Bushland TX 79012

The mission of the Conservation and Production Research Laboratory is to provide technology for sustainable production systems in an unpredictable, harsh semi-arid climate that optimizes the use of water, soil and nutrient resources. This is achieved through research activities of a multidisciplinary staff organized into two research units. The Soil and Water Management Research Unit conducts basic and fundamental research to improve crop productivity and water use efficiency in irrigated and dryland agricultural cropping systems through advanced irrigation technologies, improved irrigation management, and crop residue management through tillage and cultural agronomic practices that conserve soil and water, improve soil physical and quality conditions, sustain the soil resource, and enhance water quality. The Livestock Nutrient Management Research Unit evaluates and develops technologies for the utilization of animal manures through nutritional, microbial, and land application studies to decrease the potential environmental hazards of feedyard dust and feedyard runoff and to reduce food safety risks.


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