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Publications from 1980 to 1989
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Armstrong, J. S., F. B Peairs, and S. D. Pilcher  1989 Control of Russian wheat aphid with planting time insecticide and fertilizer combinations Technical Bulletin LTB 89-6. Colorado State University Publication. p. 20 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D.  1989 Multiple-year response of winter wheat to a single application of phosphorus fertilizer Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 53:1862-1868 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D.  1989 Phosphorus management for wheat production Proc. Nineteenth North Central Extension-Industry Soil Fertility Conference, Nov. 8-9, 1989, St. Louis, MO Potash & Phosphate Institute, vol 5:25-32 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D., B. R. Bock, and J. J. Meisinger  1989 Advances In N Use Efficiency Technical Report of a USDA-Agricultural Research Service Working Conference held May 23-25, 1989, St. Louis, MO. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Hinkle. S. E.  1989 Water drop kinetic energy and momentum measurement considerations Applied Engineering in Agriculture 5(3):386-391 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Hinkle. S. E  1989 A portable boom-mounted rainfall simulator Amer. Soc. of Ag. Engineers Paper No. 89-2622. New Orleans, LA. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Hinkle. S. E.  1989 Winter wheat emergence after 30 minutes simulated rainfall Transactions of Amer. Soc. of Ag. Engineers 32(5):1577-1581 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Nielsen D. C. and Anderson, R. L.  1989 Infrared thermometry to measure single leaf temperatures for quantification of water stress in sunflower Agron. J. 81:840-842 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Anderson, R. L.  1988 Factors affecting preemergence bioactivity of diclofop: rainfall, straw retention, and plant growth stage Agron. J. 80:952-956 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Anderson, R. L.  1988 Kochia infestation levels in proso millet as affected by planting date   /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D.  1988 Fertility research in no-till farming systems CSU annual research report, pp. 1-2 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D.  1988 Role of cropping systems in environmental quality Saline seep control. p. 179-191. In Cropping Strategies for efficient use of water and nitrogen. ASA-CSSA-SSSA Special Publ. no. 51. Madison, WI. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D. and G. P. Hartman  1988 Nitrogen needs of sugarbeets produced with reduced tillage systems Agron. J. 80:719-722 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D. and J. L. Havlin  1988 Winter wheat response to high rates of phosphorus p. 73-78. In Proc. 1988 Great Plains Soil Fertility Workshop, Denver, Colorado, March 8-9, 1988. Volume II, Dept. Agronomy, Kansas State University, Manhattan /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Hinkle, S. E.  1988 Kinetic energy and momentum measurement considerations to water drop impact Amer. Soc. of Ag. Engineers Paper No. 88-2136 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Hinkle, S. E.  1988 Winter wheat emergence after 30 minutes rainfall in the Central Great Plains Amer. Soc. of Ag. Engineers Paper No. 88-2600 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
McMaster, G. S. and D. E. Smika  1988 Estimation and evaluation of winter wheat phenology in the Central Great Plains Agric. and Forest Meteorology 43:1-18 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Shanahan, J. F., R. L. Anderson, and B. W. Greb  1988 Productivity and water use of proso millet grown under three cropping rotations in the Central Great Plains Agron. J. 80:487-492 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Wicks, G. A., D. E. Smika and G. W. Hergert  1988 Long term effects of no-tillage in a winter wheat (Triticum aestivum)-sorghum (Sorghum bicolor)-fallow rotation Weed Science 36:384-393 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Armstrong, J. S.  1988 Russian wheat aphid fertility test plot evaluations pp. 15. In Proc. Of Second Russian Wheat Aphid Symp. Oct. 11-12. Denver, CO. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Armstrong, J. S., and J. Rudolf  1988 Cup traps monitoring adult flight of the Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis Noxia) Pp. 15-16. In Proc. Second Russian Wheat Aphid Symp. Oct. 11-12. Denver, Colo. Pp. 113-116 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Armstrong, J. S., J. Rudolf and S. Pilcher  1988 Russian wheat aphids - potential oversummering host plants pp. 16-19. In Proc. Second Russian Wheat Aphid Symp. Oct. 11-12. Denver, Colo. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Armstrong, J. S., and J. Rudolf  1988 Russian Wheat Aphid (Diuraphis noxia) oversummering alternate host plant study   /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Armstrong, J. S., D. C. Nielsen, and S. Pilcher  1988 Russian wheat aphids -potential oversummering host plants  pp. 20-21. In Proc. Second Russian Wheat Aphid Symp. Oct. 11-12. Denver, Colo /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Anderson, R. L., and B. W. Greb  1987 Residual herbicides for weed control in proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) Crop Protection 6:61-63 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Anderson, R. L., and N. E. Humburg  1987 Field duration of chlorsulfuron bioactivity in the Central Great Plains J. of Environ. Qual. 16:263-266 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Anderson, R. L.  1987 Broadleaf weed control in safflower (Carthamers tinctori) with sulfonylurea herbicides Weed Tech. 1:242-246 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Dunbar, B. D., and D. C. Nielsen. J. F. Power  1987 White lupines as a rotation alternative with winter wheat in conservation tillage systems. In the role of legumes in conservation tillage systems SCS of Am., Ankeny, IA. p. 106-107 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D. and L. S. Murphy  1987 Interaction of soil fertility with other inputs in crop production for maximum economic return p. 181-191. In Future Developments in Soil Science Research. Golden Anniv. Publ., SSSA, Madison, WI. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D., J. S. Quick, and J. F. Shanahan  1987 Wheat management for optimizing yields in Colorado 8 p. In National Test-20 Wheat Prod. Guide, Nat'l Assoc. of Wheat Growers Foundation, Washington, D. C. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D.  1987 Utilizing soil testing for greater wheat profitability 8 p. In Proc. Second Nat'l Wheat Research Conference, Feb. 23-26, 1987 in Kansas City, MO. Nat'l. Assoc. of Wheat Growers Foundation, Washington, D. C. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A D., E. H. Vasey, and D. L. Watt  1987 PHOSECON North Dakota State University Ext. Serv. Software Users Guide 2. Fargo, ND. 7 p. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D., E. H. Vasey, and D. L. Watt  1987 PHOSECON User's Guide LOTUS version 1. 01. North Dakota State University Ext. Serv. Software Users Guide 3. Fargo, ND. 7 p. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D., E. H. Vasey, and D L. Watt  1987 PHOSECON: A computer economic program to evaluate phosphorus fertilization for wheat. Applied Agric. Research. 2:207-212 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Hinkle, S. E., D. F. Heerman, and M. C. Blue  1987 Falling water drop velocities at 1570 m elevation Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers 30(1):-94-100 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Mickelson, R. H., and E. E. Schweizer  1987 Till-plant systems for reducing runoff under low-pressure, center pivot irrigation J. of Soil and Water Conservation 42:107-111 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Nielsen, D. C. and B. R. Gardner  1987 Scheduling irrigations for corn with the crop water stress index (CWSI). Applied Agric. Research 2:295-300 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Shanahan, J. F., and D. C. Nielsen  1987 The influence of growth retardants (anti-gibberellins) on corn vegetative growth, water use, and grain yield under different levels of water stress Agron. J. 79:103-109 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Smika, D. E.  1987 Effects of prolonged erosion on soil productivity Soil Erosion by Wind Symposium, Clarion Hotel, Denver, CO. Feb. 23-24, 1987. Proceedings, pp. 43-46 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Vories, E. D., R D. VonBernuth, and R. H. Mickelson  1987 Simulating sprinkler performance in wind J. Irrig. and Drainage Engr. 113(1):119-130, Feb. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Ward, R. C., A. D. Halvorson, and K. Wisiol  1987 Improving crop management and farm profitability New approaches for advisory services. p. 131-140. In Soil Fert. and Org. Mat. as Crit. Comp. of Prod. Sys. SSSA Spec, Publ. #19, Madison, WI /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Jacobsen, J. S. and A. D. Halvorson  1987 Back to Basics in Montana Integrated Management. p. 153-162. In Proc., 38th Annual Northwest Plant Food Association meeting, Pasco, WA, July 14-16, 1987 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Anderson, R. L.  1986 Metribuzin and chlorsulfuron effect on grain of treated winter wheat (Triticum aestivum). Weed Sci. 34:734-737 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Anderson, R. L., J. F. Shanahan, and B. W. Greb  1986 Effect of tillage systems on proso millet production Agron., J. 589-592 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
 Halvorson, A. D., and R. F. Follett  1986 Conservation tillage in Colorado Soil Fertility. p. 15-24. In Proc. of First Annual Conference of the Colorado Conservation Tillage Taskforce, Denver, CO, November 12, 1985 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D.  1986 Phosphorus Management for MEWY and quality 12 p. In Proc. A Hands-on Workshop for Implementing Maximum Economic Yield (MEY) Systems, Bismarck, ND, July 8-10, 1986. NDSU Coop Ext. Serv., Fargo, ND /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D.  1986 Soil test and P rate relationships to maximum yield 8 p. In Proc. Maximum Wheat Yield Systems Workshop, Denver, CO, Mar. 6-7. Potash and Phosphate Institute, Atlanta, GA. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
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Halvorson, A. D., A. L. Black, D. L. Watt, and A. G. Leholm  1986 Economics of a one-time phosphorus application in the northern Great Plains Applied Agricultural Research 1(3):137-144 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Smika, D. E., A. B. Page, and R. H. Mickelson  1986 Snow water management for crop production in the Central Great Plains pp. 335-344. In Proc. Of Symp. on Snow Mgt. for Agric. Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada. H. Steppuhn & W. Hicholuchuk (eds.). Gt. Plains Agric. Council Pub. No. 120. Gt. Plains Agric. Council, Lincoln, NE. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Smika, D. E., and P. W. Unger  1986 Effect of surface residues on soil water storagae p. 111-138. In B. A. Steward (ed.) Advances in Soil Science, Vol. 5. Springer-Verlag New York, Inc. New York, N. Y. USA /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Weigand, C. L., A. J. Richardson, R. D. Jackson, P. J. Pinter, Jr., J. K. Aase, D. E. Smika. L. F. Laulenschlager, and J. E. McMurtrey 1986 Development of agrometeorological crop model inputs from remotely sensed information  III. IEEE Trans. on Geosci & Remote Sensing 24:90-9. Jan. 1986 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Thirunarayanan, K. R. L. Zimdahl, and D. E. Smika  1985 Chlorsulfuron absorption and degradation in soil Weed Science 33:558-563 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Anderson, R. L.  1985 Chlorsulfuron for weed control in safflower (Carthamus tinctorius). Weed Sci. 33:840-842 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Anderson, R. L  1985 Environmental Effects on Metsulfuron and Chlorsulfuron Bioactivity in soil J. of Environ. Qual. 14:(4)517-521 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Dunbar, B. D., B. S. Bundman, and B. S. Dunbar  1985 Identification of cultivar-specific proteins of winter wheat (T. aestivum L.) by high resolution two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and color-based silver stain. Electrophoresis 6, 39-43 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Greb, B. W., and D. E. Smika  1985 Top soil removal effects on soil chemical and physical properties p. 316-327. In S. A. El-Swaify, W. E. Moldenhauer and Andrew Lo (eds.) Soil Erosion and Conservation. Soil Conservation Society of American, Ankeny, IA. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D., and A. L. Black  1985 Safflower helps recover residual nitrogen fertilizer Montana Ag Research 2(1):19-22 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D., and A. L. Black  1985 Long-term dryland crop responses to residual phosphorus fertilizer Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. J. 49:928-933 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D., and A. L. Black  1985 Fertilizer phosphorus recovery after seventeen years of dryland cropping Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. J. 49:933-937 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
 Shanahan, J. F., K. J. Donnelly, D. H. Smith, and D. E. Smika  1985 Shoot development properties associated with grain yield in winter wheat Crop Sci. 25:770-775. Sept-Oct. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Anderson, R. L., and N. E. Humburg  1985 Lexone/sencor and glean phytotoxicity to winter wheat Colorado State University Ag Experiment Station Technical Bulletin TB-151 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Anderson, R L. and D. E. Smika  1984 Chemical fallow in the Central Great Plains Colo. State Univ. Stn. Bul. 588S /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Anderson, R. L. and D. L. Tanaka  1984 Durum wheat tolerance to chlorsulfuron and chlorsulfuron-mixtures Montana Agric. Res. (1):18-21 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D.  1984 Saline-seep reclamation in the northern Great Plains Trans. ASAE 27(3):773-778 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A. D., and Hartman, G. P.  1984 Reduced seedbed tillage effects on irrigated sugarbeet yield and quality Agron. J. 76:603-606 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Halvorson, A D., and Black, A. L.  1984 Long-term effectiveness of a single broadcast application of P fertilizer In Proc. 35th Ann. Fert. Conf. of N. W. Plant Food Assn., Pasco, WA. 7/17-18. pp. 53-59 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Mickelson, R H  1984 Effects of land-use conversion of water runoff and soil erosion USDA Agric. Research Services ARS-5. 18 p. /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Nielson, D. C., K. L. Clawson, and B. L. Blad  1984 Effect of solar azimuth and infrared thermometer view direction on measured soybean canopy temperature Agron. J. 76:607-610 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Nielsen, D. C., B. L. Blad, S. B. Verma, N. J. Rosenberg, and J. E. Specht  1984 Influence of soybean pubescence type on radiation balance Agron. J. 76:924-929 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Shanahan, J. F., D. H. Smith, and J. R. Welsh  1984 An analysis of post-anthesis sink-limited winter wheat grain yields under various environments Agron. J. 76:611-615. July-Aug /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Smika, D. E.  1984 Importance of soil characteristics on herbicide performance Proc. Great Plains Cons. Till. Symp. Gt. Plains Ag. Council Pub. No. 110:147-156 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
 Smika, D. E. and E. D. Sharman  1984 Atrazine carryover in conservation tillage systems  Jour. of SCSA 38:239 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Anderson, R. L. and D. E. Smika  1983 Herbicides for chemical fallow in northeastern Colorado Colo. State Ext. Stn. Bul. 586S /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Bauer, A., D. E. Smika, and A. L. Black  1983 Correlation of five wheat growth state scales used in the Great Plains USDA-ARS Adv. in Tech. AAT-NC-7 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
Dickey, E. C., C. R. Fenster, J. M. Laflen, and R. H. Mickelson  1983 Effects of tillage on soil erosion in a wheat-fallow rotation Trans. of ASAE 26:814-820 /ARSUserFiles/30100500/images/pdf-icon.png
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