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Publications from 1970 to 1979
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Greb, B. W.  1979 Reducing drought effects on croplands in the West-Central Great Plains USDA-Agr. Inf. Bull. No. 420, pp. 1-31  
Smika, D. E.  1979 Soil and water conservation with minimum tillage in the semiarid central great plains Proc. of Symposia IX International Congress of Plant Protection, pg. 70-72  
Greb, B. W., D. E. Smika, and J. R. Welsh  1979 Technology and wheat yields in the semiarid Central Great Plains I. Experiment Station Advances. J. Soil and Water Conserv. 34:264-268  
Greb, B. W  1979 Technology and wheat yields in the semiarid Central Great Plains II. Commercial Advances. J. Soil and Water Conserv. 34:269-273  
 Hinze, G. O., H. O. Mann, E. J. Langin, and A. Fisher  1979 Registration of Cope proso millet (Reg. No. 51). Crop Sci. 18:1093  
Smika, D. E  1979 Ecofallow progress and success continues in Great Plains States High Plains Journal 99:6-A  
Smika, D. E.  1979 Apply paraquat before harvest? No-Till Farmer 7:2  
Smika, D. E.  1979 Fertilizers and their application in conventional, minimum, and no-tillage winter wheat-fallow systems Central Great Plains Fallow Conf. Proc. Kans. State Univ. Ext. Serv., pp. 25-26  
Smika, D. E.  1979 Moisture management tips Prog. Farmer  
Smika, D. E.  1979 Trash treaders help and hurt Prog. Farmer  
Smika, D. E.  1979 Nonerodible soil aggregates in surface soil as related to tillage practice Int. Soil Tillage Res. Org. Univ. Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany. Proc. 8th Conf. Vol. 1, pp. 147-152  
Good, L. G., and D. E. Smika  1978 Chemical fallow for soil and water conservation in the Great Plains J. Soil and Water. Conserv. 33:89-90  
Greb, B. W.  1978 Millet production with limited water Colo. State U. Exp. Stn. PR-78-15, 3 p  
Greb, B. W.  1978 Tall wheatgrass snow barriers boost continuously cropped forage yields Colo. State U. Exp. Stn. PR 78-16, 3 p  
Hinze, G. O.  1978 Brown midrib of sorghum Colo. State U. Exp. Stn. PR 78-14  
Smika. D. E. and B. W. Greb.  1978 Chemical fallow for drought insurance Colo. State U. Exp. Stn. PR 78-17, 1 p.  
Smika, D. E., and B. W. Greb  1978 Doubled wheat yields Agric. Res. USDA 27:2, p. 5.  
Smika, D. E., D. G. Watts  1978 Residual nitrate-N in fine sand as influenced by N-fertilizer and water management practices Soil Sci. Soc. Am. Proc. 42:923-926  
Duke, H. R., D. E. Smika, and D. F. Heermann  1977 Groundwater contamination from fertilizer nitrogen Am. Soc. Civil Engr. Preprint 3003, p. 14  
Greb, B. W.  1977 Principles of fall weed control and residue management in a fallow-wheat rotation Ecofallow Conf. U. of Nebraska. (Semi-Popular Publication) McCook, NE. Mar. 8. pp. H-1 to H-8  
Hinze, G. O.  1977 Revised: Millets in Colorado Colo. State U. Exp. Stn. Bull. 553S  
Smika, D. E., D. F. Heermann, H. R. Duke, and A. R. Batchelder  1977 Nitrate-N percolation through irrigated sandy soil as affected by water management Agron. J. 69:636-639  
Greb, B. W.  1976 Influence of fall weed suppression in new wheat stubble in a fallow-wheat rotation with minimum tillage Colo. Assn. Wheat Growers (Semi-Popular Release), 3 p. Nov. 19  
Heerman, D. F., H. H. Haise, and R. H. Mickelson  1976 Scheduling center pivot sprinkler irrigation systems for corn production in eastern Colorado Agr. Eng. Trans. 19:284-287  
Smika, D. E.  1976 Seed zone soil water conditions with mechanical tillage in the semiarid Central Great Plains Proc. 7th. Int. Soil Tillage Org. Conf., Uppsala Sweden  
Smika, D. E.  1976 Mechanical tillage for conservation fallow in the semiarid Central Great Plains Great Plains Agr. Council Pub. 77, pp. 78-91  
Smika, D. E., and P. H. Grabouski  1976 Anhydrous ammonia applications during fallow for winter wheat production Agron. J. 68:919-922  
Greb, B. W.  1976 Ideas that slow soil blowing Farm Journal. pg. 14-15  
Smika, D. E.  1975 Conservation tillage    
Greb, B. W.  1975 Fall weed control in new wheat stubble Colorado Crop Protection Institute Proceedings. pg. 1-14  
Neghassi, H. M., D. F. Heermann, and D. E. Smika  1975 Wheat yield models with limited soil water Transactions of the ASAE. 18:(3)549-557  
Mickelson, R. H.  1975 Performance and durability of sheet-metal, butyl rubber, asphalt roofing, and bentonite for harvesting precipitation Proc. Water Harvesting Symp., ARS-W-22, pp. 93-201  
 Smika, D. E.  1975 Reduced Tillage Maximizes Fallow Soil Water Storage Paper No. 75-2539. Winter Meeting American Society of Agricultural Engineers  
Smika, D. E., and P. H. Grabouski  1975 Manage fallow to boost wheat protein Crop and Soils 27:7, p. 8  
Smika, D. E. and B. W. Greb  1975 Nonerodible aggregates and concentration of fats, waxes, and oils in soils as related to wheat straw mulch Soil Sci. Soc. Am. Proc. 39:104-107  
Greb, B. W., A. L. Black, and D. E. Smika  1974 Straw buildup in soil with stubble mulch fallow in the semiarid Gread Plains Soil Sci. Soc. Am. Proc. 38:135-136  
Heerman, D. F., H. H. Shull, and R. H. Mickelson  1974 Center pivot design capacities in eastern Colorado J. of Irrig. and Drainage Div., ASAE. 100:127-144  
Shawcroft, R. W., E. R. Lemon, L. H. Allen, D. W. Stewart, and S. E. Jensen  1974 The soil-plant-atmosphere model and some of its predictions. In: J. F. Stone, Ed., Plant Modification for More Efficient Use Agri. Meteorol., 14:287-307  
Smika, D. E.  1974 Optimum crown depth soil temperature for reproductive development of four wheat varieties Plant and Soil. 40:573-580  
Greb, B. W. D. E. Smika, N. P. Woodruff, and C. J. Whitfield  1974 Summer fallow in the Central Great Plains Conservation Research Report No. 17. USDA-ARS. U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C.  
Lemon, E. R., D. W. Stewart, R. W. Shawcroft, and S. E. Jenson  1973 Experiments in predicting evapotranspiration by simulation with a soil-plant-atmosphere model (SPAM).  In: Field Soil Water Regime, R. R. Bruce, K. Flach, and H. M. Taylor, editor. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. Special Pub. No. 5. pp. 57-76  
Shawcroft, R. W., E. R. Lemon, and D. W. Stewart  1973 Estimation of internal crop water status from meterological and plant parameters In. R. V. Slayter, Ed. Plant Response to Climatic Factors. Proc. Udppsolu, Sweden Symp. UNESCO 1970. pp-449-459. (Ecology and Conservative, 5)  
Wicks, G. A. and D. E. Smika  1973 Protein content of winter wheat grain as related to soil and climatic factors in the semiarid Central Great Plains Agron. J. 65:433-436  
Wicks, G. A. and D. E. Smika  1973 Chemical fallow in a winter wheat-fallow rotation J. of the Weed Sci. Soc. of Am. 21:(2)97-102  
 Koch, D. W., A. D. Dotzenko, and G. O. Hinze  1972 Influence of three cuttings on yield, water use efficiency, and forage quality of sainfoin Agron. J. 64:463-467  
Greb, B. W. and A. L. Black  1971 Vegetative barriers and artificial fence for managing snow in the Central and Northern Plains Proc. Snow and Ice in Relation to Wildlife and Recreation. pp. 96-111. Iowa Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, Iowa State Univ., Ames, Iowa  
Hanks, R. J., L. H. Allen, and H. R. Gardner  1971 Advection and evapotranspiration of wide-row sorghum in the Central Great Plains Agron. J. 520-527  
Lemon, E. R., D. W. Stewart, and R. W. Shawcroft  1971 The sun's work in a cornfield Sci. 174:371-378  
Shawcroft, R. W.  1971 The energy budget at the earth's surface water relations and stomatial response in a corn field. Research and Development Technical Report ECOM 2-68-1-7  
Greb, B. W.  1970 Weather recordings for agricultural research CSU Agr. Exp. Sta. PR 70-17  
Greb, B. W.  1970 Deep plowing a shallow clay layer to increase soil water storage and crop yield CSU Agr. Exp. Sta. PR-70-23  
Greb, B. W.  1970 Cool season grass production leeward of a 28% woodslat snowfence CSU Agr. Exp. Sta. PR 70-24  
Greb, B. W.  1970 Stubble mulch fallow and dates of primary sweep tillage on soil water storage CSU Agr. Exp. Sta. pr 70-26  
Hinze, G. O. and J. R. Welsh  1970 Wheat variety improvement CSU Agr. Exp. Sta. PR 33  
Mickelson, R. H., and B. W. Greb  1970 Lagoon leveling permits annual cropping in semiarid areas  J. Soil and Water Cons. 25:13-16  
Mickelson, R. H.  1970 A study on effects of intermittently flooded areas on ground water supplies CSU Agr. Exp. Sta. PR 70-39  
 Mickelson, R. H.  1970 Water harvesting Colo. State Univ. Experiment Station Progress Report PR 70-40  
Rauzi, F., M. J. Fairbourn, H. J. Haas, and R. H. Mickelson  1970 Durability of asphaltic soil sealants in northeastern Colorado and south-central North Dakota ARS 41-169  
Greb, B. W., D. E. Smika, and A. L. Black  1970 Water conservation with stubble mulch fallow J. Soil and Water Cons. 25:58-62