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Downloadable Software
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Corn Yield Probability Calculator


This Excel spreadsheet calculates the probability of obtaining a specified corn grain yield at several Great Plains locations based on a user-input value of available soil water at planting and the long-term rainfall record for rain falling between 15 July and 25 August.



Precipitation Storage Efficiency Calculator


This Excel spreadsheet calculates the estimated precipitation storage efficiency and stored soil water over the 14-month fallow period in a Wheat-Fallow system under either conventional tillage (CT) or no-tillage (NT)






The MultiCalculator is a set of three Excel spreadsheets: Yield Calculator, Water Calculator, and Ethanol-Water Calculator


The Yield Calculator calculates crop yield based on user-selected values for Available Starting Soil Water at planting and expected Growing Season Precipitation.


The Water Calculator uses the same production functions as the Yield Calculator, but essentially functions in reverse and calculates the amount of water needed to grow a specified yield of a given crop.


The Ethanol-Water Calculator is a specialized version of the Water Calculator that calculates the ratio of gallons of water required to produce a gallon of ethanol from corn grain.





N &P Calculator


Calculating the N and P availability from composted manure using a decay series

4-24-10 prepared by Dr. Merle F. Vigil USDA -ARS