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From the
Office of National Programs


In spite of the daunting challenges posed by weeds and invasive plants, integrated management, several effective chemistries, and the development of new technology are signaling that ongoing and renewed efforts are worthwhile. However, coordination is needed to better address the problem of weeds and invasive plants at the national level. Federal agencies and several non-profits have some of the largest land holdings, while many universities and colleges work closely with practitioners and managers who oversee a diversity of agroecosystems and natural areas. Thus, there is an urgent and pressing need to be better informed across groups, organizations, and agencies about research and management activities targeting weeds and invasive plants. Hence, The Weeds Atlas!

The Weeds Atlas is a tool that allows for the monitoring of weed and invasive plant activities across the United States. By entering simple information that provides a brief description of the target species, location, and activity, all can contribute, and all can benefit. Contact information allows for inquiries to obtain further details on a specific location or target species. The Weeds Atlas is meant to address coordination and collaboration efforts across both research and management activities in the U.S. from all who are interested in weeds and invasive plants. So, go ahead and submit your data or make a connection by seeing what is going on and where.