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Xiangwu Nou

Research Microbiologist

Characterization and Mitigation of Bacterial Pathogens in the Fresh Produce Production and Processing Continuum
In-House Appropriated (D)
  Accession Number: 430368
Food Safety Innovations and Preventive Controls during Fresh and Fresh-Cut Produce Washing, Packing, and Retail Display
Interagency Reimbursable Agreement (I)
  Accession Number: 431452
Characterization of Food-Borne Pathogenic Bacteria
Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement (S)
  Accession Number: 430548
Multispecies Biofilm Formation and Survival of Foodborne Bacterial Pathogens in Produce Processing Environments
Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement (S)
  Accession Number: 430951
Last Modified: 8/26/2016
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