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Franklin H Arthur (Frank)

Research Entomologist

Ecology, Genomics, and Management of Stored Product Insects
Appropriated (D)
  Accession Number: 421404
Sustainable Management Strategies for Stored-Product Insects
Appropriated (D)
  Accession Number: 431071
Evaluation of Cold Temperatures and Reduced-Risk Insecticides to Control Stored Product Insects
Nonfunded Cooperative Agreement (N)
  Accession Number: 428737
Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Effective Integrated Pest Management in Rice Mills
Reimbursable (R)
  Accession Number: 429117
Alliance for Food Security through Reduction of Postharvest Loss and Food Waste
Reimbursable (R)
  Accession Number: 426157
Improvement of Aerosol Insecticide Efficacy Against Stored Product Insects
Specific Cooperative Agreement (S)
  Accession Number: 429592
Modeling Distribution of Insecticidal Aerosols in Mills and Processing Facilities
Specific Cooperative Agreement (S)
  Accession Number: 430316
Last Modified: 8/26/2016
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