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Justin McGrath
Global Change and Photosynthesis Research
Research Plant Physiologist

Phone: (217) 300-3777
Room 197

1201 W Gregory
URBANA, IL 61801
Optimizing Photosynthesis for Global Change and Improved Yield
In-House Appropriated (D)
  Accession Number: 434586
Identifying Key Targets for Soybean Seed Protein Concentration Improvement by Creating a Virtual Soybean Model
Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement (R)
  Accession Number: 439338

Publications (Clicking on the reprint icon Reprint Icon will take you to the publication reprint.)
Integrating oscillator-based circadian clocks with crop growth simulations - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Climate, pollution and California's crops Reprint Icon ()
McGrath, J.M. 2020. Climate, pollution and California's crops. Nature Food. 1:153.