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Grape Genetics Research
Zhong, Gan-Yuan
Research Leader
630 West North Street

Geneva, NY 14456

The mission of the Grape Genetics Research Unit is the advancement of grape production through interdisciplinary research, breeding and technology transfer. The goals of the program are to reduce crop yield and quality losses to diseases, pests, and abiotic stress and improve grape and grape product quality and utilization.

  Northeast Area
    Geneva, New York
      Grape Genetics Research
Cadle-Davidson, Lance
(315) 787-2442

Research Plant Pathologist
Deys, Kathleen
(315) 787-2484

Geneticist Plants
Johnston, Debra
(315) 787-2445

Agricultural Science Research Technician
Szewc-Mcfadden, Amy
(315) 787-2489

Biological Science Lab Technician (Molecular Biology)
Underhill, Anna
(315) 787-2485

Biological Laboratory Technical
Wuddineh, Wegi
(315) 787-2486

Yang, Yingzhen
(315) 787-2484

Geneticist Plants
Zhong, Gan-Yuan
(315) 787-2482

Research Leader
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