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Vegetable Research
Kousik, Chandrasekar - Shaker
Research Plant Pathologist
(843) 402-5300 X5301
Charleston, SC 29414

The U. S. Vegetable Laboratory at Charleston, SC conducts research to solve region-wide and national problems in the production and protection of vegetable crops. This research is conducted in close cooperation with the 13 southeastern agricultural experiment stations. The mission of the laboratory is: a) to improve genetic populations of vegetable crops by combining resistance to diseases and pests (nematodes, insects, and weeds) with favored quality characters and improved yield potentials; and b) to develop knowledge on disease and pest biology, ecology, and epidemiology that can be used as a basis for the development and implementation of new, reliable, environmentally sound integrated management systems that rely on host resistance, biocontrol, and natural compounds rather than conventional pesticides.

  Southeast Area
    Charleston, South Carolina
      Vegetable Research
Andreason, Sharon
(843) 402-5312

Cook, Jennifer
(843) 402-5300

Biological Science Technician (Insects)
Couillard, David
(843) 402-5300

Biological Science Technician (Plants)
Gilliard, Andrea
(843) 402-5300

Physical Science Technician
Ikerd, Jennifer
(843) 402-5300

Biological Science Technician (Plants)
Kousik, Chandrasekar Shaker
(843) 402-5316

Research Plant Pathologist
Lawrence, Lance
(843) 402-5300

Biological Science Technician
Levi, Amnon
(843) 402-5326

Research Geneticist
Ling, Kai-Shu
(843) 402-5313

Research Plant Pathologist
Massey, Laura
(843) 402-5300

Biological Science Lab Technician
Rutter, William
(843) 402-5317

Plant Pathologist
Simmons, Alvin
(843) 402-5307

Research Entomologist
Wade, Paul
(843) 402-5300

Biological Science Technician
Wadl, Phillip
(843) 402-5388

Research Geneticist (Plants)
Wechter, William Pat
(843) 402-5318

Research Plant Pathologist
Williams, Livy
(843) 402-5392

Research Entomologist
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