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Stoneville, Mississippi
Reddy, Krishna
Research Leader
P.O. BOX 225
Stoneville, MS 38776

The Jamie Whitten Delta States Research Center is one of the major research establishments of ARS. The Center consists of seven Research Units, with scientists conducting basic and applied research in several areas. The missions and goals of the Center's research are addressed through a multidisciplinary approach. Disciplines represented by the scientists include biology, genetics, engineering, chemistry, ecology, entomology, physiology, biochemistry, botany, agronomy, aquaculture, soil science, plant pathology, and application technology. Research emphasis is aimed at agricultural problems of the Mid South Area of the U.S. The Center conducts research in many areas of investigation, including: Genetics and basic physiology; control of principal crop enemies; production systems and techniques; equipment innovation and development; safety and human health; economic well-being of both the agricultural producer and the consumer; and pesticide application technology.

  Southeast Area
    Stoneville, Mississippi
Location Support Staff
Southern Insect Management Research
Crop Genetics Research
Cotton Ginning Research
Warmwater Aquaculture Research Unit
Biological Control of Pests Research
Genomics and Bioinformatics Research
Crop Production Systems Research
Sustainable Water Management Research
Pollinator Health In Southern Crop Ecosystems Research
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