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Poultry Research
Branton, Scott
Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer
P. O. BOX 5367
Mississippi StateMS39762

The mission of the Poultry Research Unit is to improve poultry health and to improve poultry production efficiency. Disease, engineering, management, nutrition, and rearing environment research are conducted with a multi-disciplinary approach. Poultry health research is directed toward Mycoplasma infections with emphasis on identifying the infections, measuring the losses caused by the infections, and developing technologies to reduce the losses. Poultry production research strives toward reducing costs and improving efficiency which includes the major cost factor in poultry production – nutrition- and also acquiring and applying basic poultry house environmental data to developing systems for maintaining optimum poultry housing conditions. The staff includes an agricultural engineer, an immunologist, two molecular biologists, a research poultry physiologist, two research poultry scientists, and a veterinary medical officer.

  Southeast Area
    Mississippi State, Mississippi
      Poultry Research
Benoit, Clint
(662) 320-7479

Biological Science Lab Technician
Branton, Scott
(662) 320-7478

Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer
Carter, Melanie
(662) 320-7501

Program Assistant (Office Automation)
Chamblee, Dana
(662) 320-7576

Agricultural Science Research Technician (Animals) Supervisor
Collier, Stephanie
(662) 320-7483

Evans, Jeff
(662) 320-7630

Hairston, Johnnie Mac
(662) 320-7550

Animal Caretaker Motor Vehicle Operator
Halford, Larry
(662) 320-7608

Biological Science Technician
Harmon, Jeffery
(662) 320-0000

Biological Science Aid
Hill, James
(662) 320-7479

Animal Caretaker Motor Vehicle Operator
Johnson, Jason
(662) 320-7499

Engineering Technician
Leigh, Spencer
(662) 320-7633

McCarty, Ryan
(662) 320-7479

Supervisory Agricultural Science Research Technician (Animals)
Olanrewaju, Hammed
(662) 320-7634

Research Animal Scientist
Peters, Lattimore Graham
(662) 320-7479

Animal Caretaker Motor Vehicle Operator
Prisock, John
(662) 320-7553

Engineering Technician
Purswell, Joseph
(662) 320-7480

Agricultural Engineer
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