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Genetics and Sustainable Agriculture Research
Jenkins, Johnie
Supervisory Research Geneticist (Plants)
P. O. BOX 5367, 810 Highway 12E
Mississippi StateMS39762

The mission of the Genetics and Sustainable Agriculture Research Unit is to expand knowledge of the genetics and molecular processes of cotton, of the biology of selected cotton pests, of sustainable agricultural crop production practices, and of sustainable management of swine effluent and poultry litter. This knowledge will be used to develop improved strategies and practices that will improve cotton genetics and breeding, pest control, sustainable crop production, and safe and efficient use of waste from swine and poultry. The expected outcomes are new technologies for cotton production and pest control methods that are friendly to the environment, economical, sustainable, and managed in a manner that will improve profits and delay the development of resistant strains of cotton pests, and safe and efficient use of waste from swine and poultry. This Research Unit develops close cooperative relationships with cotton growers, seed companies, the cotton industry, the agricultural chemical industry, academia, and other ARS research units.

  Southeast Area
    Mississippi State, Mississippi
      Crop Science Research Laboratory
      Genetics and Sustainable Agriculture Research
Adeli, Ardeshir
(662) 320-7450

Soil Scientist
Barksdale, Dosha (nicole)

Biological Science Technician
Brooks, John
(662) 320-7411

Research Microbiologist
Callahan, Franklin
(662) 320-7430

Research Plant Physiologist
Cornelius, Rhonda
(662) 320-7592

Biological Science Lab Technician (Biochemistry)
Deng, Dewayne
(662) 320-7474

Geneticist Plants
Feng, Gary
(662) 320-7449

Research Soil Scientist
Gourley, Kimber
(662) 320-7527

Biological Science Lab Technician (Plants)
Hardy, Mary
(662) 320-7590

Biological Science Technician (Plants)
Harmon, Virginia
(662) 320-7387

Program Assistant
Hayes, Russell
(662) 320-7388

Jenkins, Johnie
(662) 320-7386

Supervisory Research Geneticist (Plants)
Lopez-Gourley, Evita
(662) 320-7408

Biological Science Technician (Plants)
McCarty, Jack
(662) 320-7389

Research Agronomist
McLaughlin, Michael Mike
(662) 320-7407

Research Plant Pathologist
Miles, Dana
(662) 320-7481

Chemical Engineer
Munyon, Jay

Biological Science Technician
Pratt, Robert
(662) 320-7424

Read, John
(662) 320-7420

Research Agronomist
Robinson, Charles (trey)

Biological Laboratory Technical
Saha, Sukumar
(662) 320-7414

Research Geneticist
Smith, Renotta
(662) 320-7463

Biological Science Lab Technician
Tewolde, Haile
(662) 320-7464

Research Agronomist
Wiggins, Lisa
(662) 320-7465

Office Automation Clerk
Wubben, Martin
(662) 320-7585

Research Molecular Geneticist
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