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Peanut Research
Sorensen, Ronald
Research Agronomist
1011 Forrester Drive, SE, P.O. Box 509

The National Peanut Research Laboratory (NPRL) conducts research on food safety, water and energy conservation, peanut production and postharvest, and systems research designed to minimize risk and enhance viability of the US peanut industry. NPRL research directly addresses major issues confronting the peanut farmer, handler, sheller, manufacturer and ultimately the US consumer by developing technology to improve profitability and quality through research on breeding, curing, cleaning, storing, shelling, and marketing peanuts and by developing production and marketing systems to reduce cost, enhance use of peanuts, and provide a safe consumer product. Development of computer systems provides farmers and other users with improved decision making technology. NPRL conducts intensive research on genetics/breeding, tillage, irrigation and physiological relationships in production. NPRL also conducts a program to evaluate physical properties of varieties being developed in the national Uniform Peanut Performance Tests. Technology is transferred to the US peanut industry directly through refereed and popular publications, oral presentations, decision support systems, personal contacts, field days and on-farm demonstrations.

  Southeast Area
    Dawson, Georgia
      Peanut Research
Arias De Ares, Renee
(229) 995-7430

Barfield, Robin
(229) 995-7404

Agricultural Research Technician
Butts, Christopher Chris
(229) 995-7431

Agricultural Engineer
Collins, Corey
(229) 995-7456

Biological Science Technician
Dang, Phat
(229) 995-7432

Research Chemist
Faustinelli, Paola
(229) 995-7449

Research Molecular Biologist
Gardner, John
(229) 995-7453

Agricultural Science Research Technician
Gray, Kathy
(229) 995-7447

Agricultural Science Research Technician
Hagler, Bobby
(229) 995-7400

Agricultural Science Research Technician
Hill, Beverly
(229) 995-7400

Office Automation Clerk (Office Automation)
Ingram, Staci
(229) 995-7409

Biological Science Lab Technician
Lamb, Marshall
(229) 995-7417

Supervisory Research Food Technologist
Massa, Alicia
(229) 995-7410

Research Geneticist (Plants)
Moon, Terence
(229) 995-7443

Bio Sci Tech
Orner, Valerie
(229) 995-7402

Biological Science Lab Technician (Microbiology)
Oxford, Otis
(229) 995-7439

Powell, Joseph
(229) 995-7444

Engineering Technician
Riles, Lori
(229) 995-7442

Information Technology Specialist (Applications Software)
Rodriguez, Hector
(229) 995-7418

Maintenance Mechanic
Roland, Deborah
(229) 995-7400

Sheppard, Harry
(229) 995-7426

Agricultural Engineer
Sobolev, Victor
(229) 995-7446

Research Chemist
Sorensen, Ronald
(229) 995-7411

Research Agronomist
Todd, Kenneth Dan
(229) 995-7440

Engineering Technician
Walk, Travis
(229) 995-7463

Biological Science Lab Technician (Microbiology)
Yoder, Ernest
(229) 995-7433

Engineering Technician
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