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Fort Pierce, Florida
Scully, Brian
Laboratory Director
Fort Pierce, FL 34945

The U.S. Horticultural Research Laboratory has national responsibility to conduct high priority research related to the following objectives: Develop new control methods for insect pests of citrus and other subtropical fruits, vegetables and ornamentals; Conduct basic physiological, biochemical, and pathological research on postharvest problems of horticultural crops; Develop new citrus scion and rootstock varieties that have enhanced tolerance to environmental stress, resistance to diseases and pests, improved fruit quality and yield; Conduct research on bacterial, fungal, nematode, and viral diseases of subtropical crops to improve crop production; Develop alternatives and solutions to environmental stresses that cause losses in crop growth, survival, and production; Develop alternatives for methyl bromide fumigation; Conduct research to understand the impact of horticultural crop production on water quality and water conservation; Improve flavor and overall quality of products from citrus and subtropical fruits and to develop new byproducts from citrus processing waste; Maintain flavor, nutrition and microbial stability of products from citrus and subtropical fruits while extending their shelf life.

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