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Location Support Staff
2955 HWY 130 E
P.O. Box 1085
Stuttgart, AR 72160

The mission statement of the location support office is to provide administrative support to the Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center and the Harry K. Dupree Stuttgart National Aquacultural Research Center in Stuttgart, Arkansas. This includes budget and fiscal, personnel, personal property, real property, purchasing, facilities management, IT related, safety and occupational health, and general administrative guidance.

  Southeast Area
    Stuttgart, Arkansas
      Location Support Staff
Braithwaite, Raeann
(870) 672-8254

Administrative Officer
Farmer, Heather
(870) 672-8273

Administrative Support Assistant
Haynes, Jovan
(870) 672-8280

Purchasing Agent
Ledbetter, Joel
(870) 672-8255

Safety and Occupational Health Specialist
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