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Columbia, Missouri
Sadler, Edward - John
Research Leader
(573) 882-1114
Room 269, Ag Engineering Building
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

ARS research at Columbia, MO, focuses on biological control of insects, cropping systems and water quality, and plant genetics. Biological control of insects research is targeted at improvement in the production and effectiveness of biological control agents which are used in the management of insect and weed pests. Research on cropping systems and water quality develops knowledge and technology to optimize yields from crop production systems while minimizing erosion and enhancing water and soil quality. Plant genetics research encompasses the breeding, entomology, germplasm evaluation, genetics, and molecular genetics of corn; genetics of wheat; molecular biology and functional genomics of soybean seed composition, and soybean seed development.

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Biological Control of Insects Research
Cropping Systems and Water Quality Research
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