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East Lansing, Michigan
Lu, Renfu
Research Leader
1066 BOGUE STREET, #384
East Lansing, MI 48824

The East Lansing, MI Location comprises one Management Unit: Sugarbeet and Bean. The mission of the Sugarbeet and Bean Research Unit is to: 1) develop disease and crop management practices and analyze new germplasm of sugar beet and other beet types with desired agronomic traits using genetic/genomic, physiological, pathological, precision agriculture and automation techniques; 2) develop dry bean germplasm with improved nutritional and end-use quality and identify beans and other pulse crop germplasm with desirable ingredient quality, via phenotypic evaluations, plant breeding, and molecular analysis methods; and 3) develop innovative sensing and automation technologies for harvest and postharvest quality evaluation of fruits and vegetables to help growers and processors achieve labor and cost savings, enhance product marketability and reduce postharvest loss.

  Midwest Area
    East Lansing, Michigan
Location Support Staff
Sugarbeet and Bean Research
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