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West Lafayette, Indiana
Scofield, Steven - Steve
Research Leader
(765) 494-4604
West Lafayette, IN 47907

The West Lafayette, IN Location consists of three Management Units: Crop Production and Pest Control, National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory and the Livestock Behavior Research Unit. The Crop Production and Pest Control unit determines the biochemical basis and genetic control of disease and insect resistance in grain crops and of chemical constituents and disease resistance in soybeans. The National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory develops the knowledge and technology needed for land users to conserve natural resources for future generations. Research in Livestock Behavior identifies objective indicators of animal well-being and cognitive abilities in livestock to provide producers with decision making tools that enhance productivity in food-producing animals. Effective support services in procurement, personnel, safety, budget, accounting, travel, property and related activities are provided by the Administrative Office and Unit Program Support Assistants.

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Crop Production and Pest Control Research
National Soil Erosion Research
Livestock Behavior Research
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