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Lubbock, Texas
Rooney, Alejandro - Alex
Laboratory Director
(806) 749-5560
3810 4th STREET (LUBBOCK, TX 79415)
Lubbock, TX 79401

The mission of the Cropping Systems Research Laboratory (CSRL) is to develop solutions to the most pressing problems in semi-arid agriculture, with special focus on crop breeding (primarily cotton, sorghum, corn and peanuts), water conservation, wind erosion of soils, cotton production and processing, and nutritional and health issues in livestock production. Laboratory scientists interact directly with growers and grower associations, State Agricultural Experiment Stations, private industry, and other user groups to communicate their research findings and assist their customers and stakeholders. In addition, visiting scientists and students from collaborating universities work with the CSRL to obtain help with their own research and to obtain advanced training in state-of-the-art research technology and methods.

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    Lubbock, Texas
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Cropping Systems Research Laboratory
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