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Crop Germplasm Research
Ivie, Glen - Wayne
Center Director
2881 F&B ROAD
College StationTX77845

The Crop Germplasm Research Unit reflects the ARS Program Plan of mission oriented research and is focused on needs not addressed by the private sector, non-ARS research agencies, or that are uniquely suited to the ARS program. Included are integrated studies of introduction, classification, and maintenance of germplasm, elucidation of cellular and molecular DNA characteristics, identification of germplasm with useful characteristics such as disease and insect resistance and quality factors, determination of genetic control of these characteristics, and development of genomic and evaluation systems to more efficiently detect and utilize diverse germplasm. Several crop species are included. Research on warm season forage grasses emphasizes evaluation of reproductive systems and cooperative research to develop improved germplasm and cultivars. Pecan research focuses on host-plant resistance, genetic improvement, production of improved cultivars, and curation of the National Repository for Pecan and Hickory Germplasm and their characterization and evaluation. Sorghum research emphasizes evaluation and enhancement of germplasm with emphasis on molecular genetics, curation of genetic stocks, and fungal diseases. Cotton research includes curation of the National Cotton Germplasm Collection, and evaluation and enhancement of genetic stocks with emphasis on classical and molecular genetics, and biotechnology of the development and control of fiber and seed quality.

  Plains Area
    College Station, Texas
      Southern Plains Agricultural Research Center
      Crop Germplasm Research
Bramson, Taner
(979) 260-9311

Biological Science Aid
Burson, Byron
(979) 260-9300

Research Geneticist (Plants)
Cox, Toni
(325) 646-0593

Agricultural Science Research Technician
Frelichowski, James Jim
(979) 260-9209

Geneticist Plants
Grauke, Larry L J
(979) 272-1402

Research Horticulturist
Harris, Jared
(979) 260-9329

Biological Science Technician Plants
Hinze, Lori
(979) 260-9533

Research Geneticist (Plants)
Johnson, Lynn
(325) 646-0593

Agricultural Science Research Technician (Plants)
Klein, Robert Bob
(979) 777-4470

Research Geneticist (Plants)
Kubenka, Keith
(979) 272-1402

Agricultural Science Research Technician
Love, Janna
(979) 260-9312

Agricultural Science Research Technician (Plants)
McCollum, Julie
(979) 862-4802

Biological Science Lab Technician
Pinkerton, Trudy
(979) 260-9311

Prom, Louis
(979) 260-9393

Research Plant Pathologist
Wang, Xinwang
(979) 272-1402

Yu, John
(979) 260-9237

Research Geneticist (Plants)
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