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Location Support Staff
Ivie, Glen - Wayne
Center Director
(979) 260-9372
2881 F&B ROAD
College Station, TX 77845

The mission of the Location Support Staff is to provide administrative management and maintenance services for Location programs. These services include, but are not limited to, procurement, budget and fiscal, personnel, health and safety, IT security and support, property, and facility maintenance. Funds to support this staff are provided by the Location research community.

  Plains Area
    College Station, Texas
      Location Support Staff
Buxkemper, Mark
(979) 260-9262

Facilities Manager
Korger, Rhonda
(979) 260-9372

Administrative Officer
Lindsey, Anne Marie
(979) 260-9370

Financial Technician
Linklater, James
(979) 260-9262

Custodial Worker
Martinez, Gabriel
(979) 260-9525

IT Specialist
Parker, Jimmy
(979) 260-9246

Maintenance Mechanic
Pinkerton, Trudy
(979) 260-9336

Administrative Support Assistant
Strain, Darren
(979) 260-9247

Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor
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