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Location Support Staff
(402) 762-4141
Roman L. Hruska U.S. Meat Animal Res.
P.O. BOX 166 (State Spur 18D)/USDA-ARS-PA-MARC
Clay Center, NE 68933

To provide, within agency guidelines, timely customer-oriented support for the research projects of the location by using the most cost-effective procedures in the areas of purchasing, personnel, fiscal, receiving, supply, property management, and engineering.

  Plains Area
    Clay Center, Nebraska
      Location Support Staff
Anderson, Philip Phil
(402) 762-4157

Information Technology Specialist
Bradley, Randall Randy
(402) 762-4156

Information Technology Specialist
Friend, Matthew
(402) 762-4388

Information Technology Specialist (Systems Analysis/Applications Software)
Gloekler, Lynn
(402) 762-4355

Maintenance Worker
Koepke, Shannon
(402) 762-4287

Procurement Clerk
Lee, Robert Bob
(402) 762-4195

Biological Science Lab Technician (Biochemistry)
Leichleiter, Teresa Teri
(402) 762-4142

Financial Technician
Theer, Lauren
(402) 762-4285

Procurement Clerk (Office Automation)
Warrick, Joseph Joe
(402) 762-4131

General Engineering