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Location Support Staff
Mullin, Nikki
Administrative Officer
(406) 433-9401
USDA-ARS-PA, Northern Plains Agric. Res. Lab.
Sidney, MT 59270

The Administrative Office (AO) serves as the central contact point for the Sidney location for administrative issues and provides coordination for budget, fiscal, personnel, real/personal property, travel, EEO, and purchase transactions. There are two research units at the location.

  Plains Area
    Sidney, Montana
      Location Support Staff
Mullin, Nikki
(406) 433-9401

Administrative Officer
O Mara, Maureen Mo
(406) 433-9497

Safety and Occupational Health Specialist
Redlin, Bethany Beth
(406) 433-9427

Technical Information Specialist (Biological Science)
Steinbeisser, Eric
(406) 433-9421

Utilities Services Repairer Operator
Wilkinson, Mark
(406) 433-9485

Maintenance Worker
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