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Logan, Utah
Cox-Foster, Diana
Research Leader
(435) 797-3066
Logan, UT 84322

The mission of the ARS Research Units at Logan, Utah has three areas of emphasis: (1) To investigate poisonous plants, their toxins, and tertogens; (2) To provide improved plant materials and management alternatives for sustainable stewardship of rangelands, pastures, and turf; (3) To develop non-Aphis bee pollinators of major agricultural crops, understand their management, biology and the control of associated diseases. Poisonous plant research will establish the mechanisms by which toxic plants cause injury to animals. It isolates, determines the structures of toxins and teratogens and prepares their analogs. The effects of environment and plant parts on toxin concentration are established. Plant genetic improvement and management research of native and introduced species provides an array of new grasses, legumes, and forbs for use throughout the western U.S. New plant materials and management practices are developed to meet the specific needs of conservation, restoration and reclamation, recreation, and forage for livestock and wildlife production purposes and to reduce inputs for turf. The pollinating insect biology research is focused on developing dependable alternative pollinators to reduce the dependence of agricultural production on honey bee pollinators. Pollinator distribution, behavior, systematic, management systems, and diseases are important.

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    Logan, Utah
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Pollinating Insect-biology, Management, Systematics Research
Forage and Range Research
Poisonous Plant Research
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