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Location Support Staff
Morgan, Stefani
Financial Technician
(541) 738-4007
USDA-ARS Location Administrative Office
3450 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

The Location Support staff provides administrative support to the three research units in personnel management, budget and fiscal management, real personal property management, facilities operation and maintenance, and purchasing support.

  Pacific West Area
    Corvallis, Oregon
      Location Support Staff
Blackwood, Greta
(541) 738-4156

IT Specialist
Morgan, Stefani
(541) 738-4023

Financial Technician
Nachorniy, Angelina
(541) 738-4002

Office Automation Clerk (Office Automation)
Sears, Joseph Joe
(541) 738-4012

Maintenance Mechanic
Vanella, Matthew
(541) 738-4010

Maintenance Mechanic