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Location Support Staff
Colby, Ronald - Ron
Administrative Officer
(559) 596-2960
9611 S. Riverbend Avenue
Parlier, CA 93648

The Administrative Staff provides support services to 4 units at USDA’s research location at Parlier, CA. The Crop Diseases, Pests and Genetic Research Unit, the Commodity Protection and Quality Research Unit, the Water Management Research Unit and the National Arid Land Plant Genetic Resource Unit, which is located in Parlier but is a worksite for Davis, CA. The administrative staff assists with human resources, procurement, budget and fiscal, farm services, facility repairs and maintenance, policies and procedures, extramural agreements, IT services, and safety.

  Pacific West Area
    Parlier, California
      Location Support Staff
Cates, Chance
(559) 596-2957

Financial Technician
Celedon, Derek
(559) 596-2900

Purchasing Agent
Colby, Ronald Ron
(559) 596-2960

Administrative Officer
Cuevas, Adrian
(559) 596-2907

Student Trainee (Computer)
Hawk, Carl
(559) 596-2970

Agricultural Research Technician
Hiyama, Satomi
(559) 596-2950

Office Automation Clerk
Jimenez, Alejandro Alex
(559) 596-2923

Farmer Tractor Operator
Lynch, Paula
(559) 596-2953

Administrative Support Assistant
Rosales, Richard Rick
(559) 596-2790

Utilities Systems Repairer Operator
Salinas, Jose
(559) 596-2791

Maintenance Worker
Upshaw, Kenneth
(559) 596-2969

Safety and Occupational Health Specialist
Wiens, Jeffrey Jeff
(559) 596-2906

Information Technology Specialist (Customer Support)