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Office of Technology Transfer
5601 Sunnyside Avenue
GWCC 4-1156
Beltsville, MD 20705

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The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) is responsible for ARS’ Technology Transfer Program and the technology licensing program for all intramural research conducted by USDA. The mission of OTT is to: 1) utilize patenting and licensing to enhance research impact; 2) develop strategic partnerships with outside institutions; and 3) perform functions that enhance the effective transfer of ARS technologies to users.

  Research Operations and Management
    Office of Technology Transfer
Atkinson, Ariel
(301) 504-1179

Patent Advisor (General)
Baker, Kate
(301) 504-6905

Management Analyst
Boettinger, Carla
(301) 504-5734

Tech Licensing Compliance Specialist
Chittams, Carol
(301) 504-1239

Patent Assistant (Office Automation)
Cohn, Cathleen
(301) 504-4523

Tech Transfer Liaison
Gantt, Kelli
(301) 504-7269

Sr. Legal Administrative Specialist
Gaudet, John
(301) 504-4558

Technology Licensing Specialist
Halsey, Diana
(301) 504-4878

Technology Licensing Specialist
Hedrick, Claudia
(301) 504-3280

Sr. Legal Administrative Specialist
Hogan, Anita
(301) 504-1198

Patent Assistant (Office Automation)
Jones, Robert
(301) 504-7270

Patent Advisor (General)
McCormick, Robin
(301) 504-6532

Sr. Legal Administrative Specialist
McNemar, Mark
(301) 504-1172

Patent Advisor General
Moore, Mary
(301) 504-6786

Program Support Specialist
Nakanishi, Brian
(301) 504-4879

Business Licensing Officer
Penot, Deborah Debbie
(301) 504-5003

Foreign Patent Specialist
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