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Human Resources Division
Collie, Willis
(301) 504-1317
Room 2-11033
Beltsville, MD 20705

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The Human Resources Division provides for and formulates both short and long-range human resource management planning, policy direction, technical guidance, and operational support. This includes position management, classification and pay, recruitment and employment, training and development, awards, employee and labor relations, performance management and related programs which affect human resources. Provides cost effective solutions to Agency human resources management problems; identifies areas needing review, strengthening, and/or redirection; issues Agency Directives related to the personnel management program; provides technical guidance to Headquarters and field line and senior level management personnel on effective personnel management within their assigned program areas; and implements program decisions which maximize the effective use of human resources.

  Administrative and Financial Management
    Human Resources Division
Office of The Division Director
Deputy Director for Human Capital Planning, Development & Services
Deputy Director for Employment and Benefits
Personnel and Labor Solutions
REE Services Branch
Cortes, Geralynn
(301) 504-1317

Branch Chief
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