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Animal Production and Protection
Silverstein, Jeffrey
Deputy Administrator
USDA, ARS, Office of National Programs
5601 Sunnyside Avenue
Beltsville, MD 20705

The mission of animal production and protection national programs is to improve the health, well-being, and efficiency of livestock, poultry, and aquatic food animals to ensure a productive and safe food supply. Emphasis is placed on germplasm characterization, improvement, and conservation; understanding the mechanisms of disease resistance, and the development of tools to prevent, control, or eradicate diseases that threaten our food supply or public health; and identifying and developing sustainable systems for production of high quality meat, milk, and eggs.

  National Programs
    Animal Production and Protection
Gay, Cyril
(301) 504-4786

National Program Leader
Halsey, Tira
(301) 504-4576

Program Analyst
Kozlovac, Joseph
(301) 504-4734

Biological Safety Specialist
Miller, Robert
(301) 504-4736

National Program Leader
Moeller, Steven
(614) 565-6344

National Program Leader
Motroni, Roxann
(301) 504-5771

National Program Leader
Rexroad, Caird
(301) 504-5925

National Program Leader
Silverstein, Jeffrey
(301) 504-4834

Deputy Administrator
Skopets, Boris
(301) 504-6245

Veterinary Medical Officer/Animal Care and Use Program Officer
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