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Nutrition, Food Safety, and Quality
Starke-Reed, Pamela
Deputy Administrator
USDA, ARS, Office of National Programs
5601 Sunnyside Avenue
Beltsville, MD 20705

The mission of the Nutrition, Food Safety and Quality staff is to coordinate and lead ARS research to: define the role of food and its components in optimizing health for all Americans; develop tests and processes that keep the food supply safe; reduce and control pathogens and toxins in agricultural products; and improve the economic viability and competitiveness of American agriculture by enhancing the quality and utilization of agricultural commodities for the benefit of producers and consumers.

  National Programs
    Nutrition, Food Safety, and Quality
Baden, Lauren
(301) 504-4636

Program Analyst
Cook, Kimberly Kim
(301) 504-4774

National Program Leader
Davis, Cindy
(202) 313-2355

National Program Leader
Finley, John
(301) 504-5381

National Program Leader (Human Nutrition)
Jackson, Lavetta
(301) 504-6252

Secretary (Office Automation)
Lindsay, James
(301) 504-4674

National Program Leader
Mason, Phoebe
(301) 504-4583

Program Support Assistant (Office Automation)
Starke-Reed, Pamela
(301) 504-7050

Deputy Administrator
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