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Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems
Eve, Marlen

(301) 504-7987
USDA, ARS, Office of National Programs
5601 Sunnyside Avenue
Beltsville, MD 20705

Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems National Programs support researchers at seventy locations developing the technologies and strategies needed to help farmers, ranchers, and other managers effectively steward the diverse agricultural mosaic spread across the nation. From livestock grazing expansive natural western rangelands, to crops grown in the rich Midwestern Heartland and the Southern States regions, to the high-value produce that comes from the valleys and plains along both coasts, these diverse landscapes generate more than $200-billion in goods and services that are the basis of a strong rural economy. Emphasis is given to developing technologies that are economical to use and systems that support profitable production and enhance the Nation’s vast renewable natural resource base. Research priorities are identified through a continual dialogue with a wide range of customers and stakeholders to ensure that our science is relevant and provides effective solutions to their concerns. We address issues affecting both private and public lands, because together these are the foundation of a healthy and vibrant agricultural industry that not only provides food, feed, fiber, and renewable energy to the nation, but also abundant and high quality supplies of fresh water and clean air, as well as healthy ecosystems.

  National Programs
    Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems
Beebout, Sarah
(301) 504-4613

National Program Leader
Buckley, Ellen
(301) 504-4785

Program Analyst
Buser, Michael
(301) 504-4634

National Program Leader
Eve, Marlen
(301) 504-7987

Keshav, Taj
(301) 504-6246

Biological Science Technician (Plants)
Knaebel, David
(301) 504-4644

National Program Leader (Soil Biology)
Steele, Rachel
(301) 504-4638

National Program Leader
Tsegaye, Teferi
(301) 504-4731

Watson, Kimberlee
(301) 504-4658

Program Analyst