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Jan R Suszkiw
Current Information Branch
Public Affairs Specialist
Phone: (301) 504-1630
Fax: (301) 504-1486
Room 1-2220C

ARS News Articles

item Specialty Bean Tissues No Treat for Nematodes
item Termite Experts at New Orleans Conference
item Soybean Hulls Eyed for Wastewater Filtering
item France-Based Lab Plays Key Role in U.S. Biocontrol Research
item Trouble for Soybean Nematodes
item Sugar Beet Pest
item Fungus' Protein Causes Weed Cells to Self Destruct
item Science Web Site for Kids Now Available in Spanish
item Beltsville Screen Insert Curbs Bee Mites
item Scientists Seek Microbial Bait Against Termite Pest
item 21st Century Crop Research Challenges
item Is the Grass Really Greener?
item ARS, CGIAR Sign Research Agreement
item Nut Shells on Tap for Industrial Clean Up
item Technology Spurs Alfalfa Genome Mapping
item Biotech Bouquet in the Works
item Attention Wasps: Uncle Sam Wants You
item Smut--Not Always a Bad Word
item Textile Treatment Keeps Microbes at Bay
item New Liquid Epoxies Created from Cane Sugar
item Wandering Gypsy Moths Get Nasty Surprise
item New Peanut Types Could Mean Trouble for Nematodes
item Soapstock Waste May Yield New Products
item ARS Honors Scientists for Technology Transfer
item Scientists Steal Parasite's Digestive Secrets
item Flyash Paving Helps Cows
item Controlling Peanut Weeds
item Hidden Bacterium Linked to Poinsettia Dwarfing
item Hurricane Georges Reveals Termites in Trees.
item Signal-Sending Plants Identify Their Attackers
item New Sugarcanes Sour Pest's "Sweet tooth"
item New Lease on Life for Linters
item "Poison Pill" Dooms Pesky Caterpillars
item New Science Web Site for Kids
item High-Tech Bacteria Clean Up Toxics
item Dogs Harbor Calf Parasite
item Proteins Tie up Fungi
item New Corn Lines Ward off Aflatoxin
item Cool Fungus Attacks Potato Pest
item Rice Helps Cut Oil in Deep-Fried Doughnuts
item Manipulating Plant Hormone May Help Crops
item Combine Attachment Offers On-the-Fly Peanut Cleaning
item ARS Scientific Awards
item Scientists "Sketch" Genetic Profile of Honeybee Attacker
item Nematodes Fight Biobattle Against Biting Flies
item A New Use for Kenaf
item Scientists Monitor Bt Protein in Corn Ethanol
item ARS Personnel Earn High USDA Honor Awards
item Friendly Bacteria Help Fight Potato Rot Fungi
item FANTESK-tic Fried Shrimp
item Soybean Rust Is New Focus
item Researchers Breed New Bean for Export Markets
item Researchers Flame-Proof Cotton Carpeting
item Soybean Bacterium Boosts Yields, Earnings
item New Clues on Soybean Aphid
item ARS, Cepheid Team to Make Plant Disease Diagnosis
item Biopesticide on Tap Against Aflatoxin
item New Peanut Planting System to Boost Yields
item New Wheat Flour Helps Cut Fat, Keeps Bread Fresh
item Scientists Collar Mystery Sunflower Pest
item Scientists Engineer Baker's Yeast to Eat Plant Fat
item Scientists Pursue Racehorse Disease
item Corn Helps Check Soybean Cyst Nematodes
item Researchers Battle Plum Pox in Pennsylvania
item New Kit to Identify Tissue-Invading Fly Maggots
item New Cottons "Pack a Punch" Against Fungi
item Russian Bee Queens Eyed for Mite Resistance
item Nebraska Researcher Honored by Onassis Foundation
item Fire Ants to Lose Their Heads
item An Underground Ally for Sugar Beets?
item New Corn on Tap for Southeast Dairy Farmers
item Growing Good-Guy Blood Cells in Culture
item Building a Genetic Road Map to Bovine Bounty
item DNA "Fungusprints" Track Weed Killers
item Fungus Work Helps Clear Grain-Trade Hurdles
item Alfalfa Meets Asian Relatives
item Termites Go Hungry on Resistant Trees
item Maysin Corn on Tap To Sour Pest's Appetite?
item Bad Virus Put to Good Use in Lab
item Sunflowers Brighten Wheat Outlook
item Weevil Sex Chemical Found
item Wasp and Virus Outflank Armyworms
item Gene Test May Unmask Vine Culprit
item Potato Beetle Faces Lab-Fed Wasp
item Two New Biocontrol Agents for Ticks
item Pfiesteria Facts
item Modified Enzyme for Less Manure Pollution
item Grass buffers cut stream pollution
item "Spicier" Poultry Feed
item New Disease-Resistant Rice
item Poultry Gets Scientific Boost
item Starvation Diet for Worms?
item Virus Spoils Pest's Appetite
item Disease-Carrying Ticks in for Trouble
item New Corn Means Trouble for Pests
item Peppers Put the "Heat" on Pests
item Weeds Could Meet Their Match in a Novel Bioherbicide
item Low-Fat French Fries From Rice?
item Mite-Resistant Russian Bees Also Have Winter Hardiness
item Cricket-resistant Turf in the Pipeline
Last Modified: 7/27/2016
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