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Molecular DNA Markers Utilized to Discern Alfalfa Fall Dormancy Check Cultivars - (Abstract Only)
Bauchan, G.R., Xia, Z., Van Berkum, P.B. 2006. Molecular dna markers utilized to discern alfalfa fall dormancy check cultivars. North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference. July 16-19, 2006, Minneapolis, MN. p.6.
Development and Characterization of Ssr Markers and Their Use to Assess Genetic Relationships among Alfalfa Germplasm. - (Peer Reviewed Journal) - (13-May-05)
Isolation and Characterization of Ssr Markers in Alfalfa. - (Abstract Only)
He, C.N., Xia, Z., Campbell, T.A., Bauchan, G.R. 2003. Isolation and characterization of SSR markers in alfalfa [abstract]. Plant and Animal Genome Conference Proceedings. P242.
Development and Characterization of Simple Sequence Repeat (Ssr) Markers in Medicago Sativa. - (Abstract Only)
He, C.N., Xia, Z., Campbell, T.A., Bauchan, G.R. 2003. Development and characterization of simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers in medicago sativa [abstract]. Agronomy Abstracts. P1027.
Screening Autotetraploid Alfalfa and Medicago Truncatula Ssr Makers for Inclusion in a Cultivated Alfalfa Linkage Map. - (Abstract Only)
Campbell, T.A., Brummer, E.C., Luth, D., Bauchan, G.R., Xia, Z., He, C.N. 2003. Screening autotetraploid alfalfa and medicago truncatula SSR makers for inclusion in a cultivated alfalfa linkage map [abstract]. International Symposium on Molecular Breeding of Forage Crops Proceedings. P927.
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