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Our research is focused on the neurophysiology of nutritional health in children and adults.  Studies are designed to test 1) the interactions of psychosocial and metabolic regulation of eating behavior and physical activity and 2) the effects of nutrition and physical activity on the physiology of behavioral reactivity and function. 




·                  Neuroendocrine and neurobehavioral function in middle-age women of differing body composition


·                  The impact of eating breakfast on food intake behaviors and food choice


·                  The effect of dairy foods in normalizing hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in overweight/obese adults following diet-induced weight loss


·                  Relationship between executive brain function, mood, and nutritional behavior in preschoolers


·                  The effect of antenatal and infant lipid-based nutrient supplements on infant stress response in the iLiNS study in Malawi


·                  Effects of ingesting MSG on energy balance and eating behavior following moderate energy restriction and weight loss in overweight women


·                  The metabolomic and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal responses to chronic social stress in the titi monkey: implications to metabolic and neuropsychiatric disease.


·                  HEALTH (Healthy Eating and Lifestyle for Total Health):  Determine key factors influencing Dietary Guideline adherence in children and adults of major U.S. Racial/Ethnic Groups


·                  Determinants of eating and physical activity patterns in children living in a rural community: a collaborative study with the UC Davis Telemedicine Project         








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