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Our research is focused on the physiological interrelationships between stress, emotion, nutrition, and health. 




·                  Stress-eating function in middle-age women of differing body composition


·                  The impact of eating breakfast on food intake behaviors and food choice


·                  The effect of dairy foods in normalizing hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in overweight/obese adults following diet-induced weight loss


·                  Relationship between executive brain function, mood, and nutritional behavior in preschoolers


·                  Effects of sugar and aspartame on the brain’s response to stress.


·                  Impact of a healthy diet on stress system responsiveness.


·                  The effect of antenatal and infant lipid-based nutrient supplements on infant stress response in the iLiNS study in Malawi


·                  Effects of ingesting MSG on energy balance and eating behavior following moderate energy restriction and weight loss in overweight women


·                  HEALTH (Healthy Eating and Lifestyle for Total Health): Determine key factors influencing Dietary Guideline adherence in children and adults of major U.S. Racial/Ethnic Groups         





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