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Loren Honaas - Research Molecular Biologist (functional and diagnostic genomics of post-harvest tree fruit disorders; molecular indicators of fruit maturity/development, disorder susceptibility, and optimized-post harvest practices).

Jim Mattheis (Research Leader) - Research Plant Physiologist (postharvest physiology of apples, pears and cherries; indicators of fruit harvest maturity for new varieties; identification of principle fruit volatiles as indicators of physiological condition) 

Jessica_Waite - Research Geneticist (Plants)

"My research program will focus on pear genetics and genomics, addressing key questions in pear biology and important issues for the industry. My program will have a large focus on the impact of rootstocks on pear growth and development. I am interested in applying genetic tools to better understand dwarfing and precocity, graft compatibility and function, developing tools to enhance breeding efforts, as well as other topics related to architecture and physiology."

Dave Rudell - Research Plant Physiologist (quantitative measurement of dynamic multiparametric metabolic responses of living systems to physiological stimuli or genetic modification)

Yanmin Zhu - Plant Molecular Geneticist (identification and evaluation of new biomolecular mechanisms for improving fruit quality)

Tracy Somera - Research Microbiologist (detrimental and beneficial interactions between plants and microbes which may directly affect fruit tree production systems).