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Loren Honaas-Research Molecular Biologist (functional and diagnostic genomics of post-harvest tree fruit disorders; molecular indicators of fruit maturity/development, disorder susceptibility, and optimized-post harvest practices)

Jim Mattheis (Research Leader) - Research PlantPhysiologist (postharvest physiology of apples, pears and cherries; indicators of fruit harvest maturity for new varieties; identification of principle fruit volatiles as indicators of physiological condition) 

Mark Mazzola - Research Plant Pathologist (etiology and biologically-based integrated management systems for control of soilborne diseases of deciduous fruit trees; mechanisms whereby biological control agents suppress plant pathogens) 

Dave Rudell - Research Plant Physiologist (quantitative measurement of dynamic multiparametric metabolic responses of living systems to physiological stimuli or genetic modification)

Yanmin Zhu - Plant Molecular Geneticist (identification and evaluation of new biomolecular mechanisms for improving fruit quality)