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Joel A Biederman

Research Hydrologist

Joel A Biederman/ARSUserFiles/49407/Joel Headshot 2024.JPG
Research Hydrologist

Southwest Watershed Research Center
USDA-Agricultural Research Service
2000 E. Allen Road
Tucson, AZ  85719
Tel: (520) 647 - 9236

Research Interests

I am a Research Hydrologist with the USDA-ARS Southwest Watershed Research Center.  I work to understand the impacts of climate and land use changes on watershed services and to develop new tools for sustainable watershed management.   I specialize in 1) interactions of ecosystems and hydrology, 2) ecosystem disturbances such as drought, fire and logging, 3) snow hydrology and 4) leveraging research results from diverse sites to address questions of regional to global scale.

Current Projects

Education and Background

I grew up spending school years in rainy McMinnville, Oregon, but my family worked summers in Arizona, where I learned about the role of water in dryland ecosystems.  I received degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Montana State University and conducted water and wastewater research at the NSF Center for Biofilm Engineering.  After serving as a teacher in France and then Connecticut, I returned to Arizona in 2010 to pursue a Ph.D. in Hydrology and Water Resources with advisor Paul Brooks at the University of Arizona.  After four years as a postdoc with Russ Scott at SWRC, I was hired as a Category 1 scientist in 2018. 

Recent Publications

(for a complete list & full texts, see Research Gate and Google Scholar links above)

Feldman, A.F.; Fang, X., Felton, A.J., Knapp, A.K, Biederman, J.A., and Poulter, B.  Global plant response to changing rainfall frequency and magnitude.  Invited commentary for Nature Reviews Earth and Environment. Accepted.

Zheng, Z.Z., Wen, F.Q., Biederman, J.A., Tudi, M. Lv, M..B., Xu, S.R., Cui, X.Y., Wang, Y.F., Hao, Y.B., and Li, L.F., Methane uptake rsponses to extreme droughts regulated by seasonal timing and plant composition.  2024.  Catena.  10.1016/j.catena.2024.107822

 Wen, F.Q., Biederman, J.A., Hao, Y.B., Qian, R.Y., Zheng, Z.Z., Cui, X.Y., Zhao, T., Xue, K., Wang, R.F.,  Extreme drought alters methane uptake but not methane sink in semi-arid steppes of Inner Mongolia. 2024. Science of the Total Environment. 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.169834.

Biederman, J.A., Smith, W.K., Zhang, F.Y., Dannenberg, M.P., Reed, S.C., and Yan, D.,  Reply to Comment on “Five decades of observed daily precipitation reveal longer and more variable drought events across much of the western United States (pub. 2021)”.  2024.  Geophysical Research Letters. 10.1029/2023GL105124

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Javadian, M.., Scott, R.L., Biederman, J.A., Zhang, F., Fisher, J.B., Reed, S.C., Potts, D.L., Villareal, M., and Smith, W.K.  High frequency thermal imaging reveals the sensitivity of key dryland plant functional groups to future more intense, less frequent rainfall pulses in semiarid grasslands.  2023.  New Phytologist.  10.1111/nph.19127

Broxton, P.D., van Leeuwen, W.J.D., Svoma, B., Walter, J., and Biederman, J.A.  Sub-seasonal to seasonal streamflow forecasting in a semiarid watershed.  2023.  Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 10.1111/1752-1688.13147

Dwivedi, R., Biederman, J.A., Broxton, P.D., Lee, K., Van Leeuwen, W.J.D, and Pearl, J.K.  Forest density regulates root zone water stress and percolation differently at sites with contrasting ephemeral or stable seasonal snowpacks. 2023. Journal of Hydrology. 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2023.129915

Li, Linfeng, Hao, Y.B., Wang, W.J.,  Biederman, J.A., Zheng, Z.Z., Zhang, B., Wang, Y.F., Song, X.N. Cui, X.Y., Xu, Z.H. Seasonal timing of extreme drought regulates N2O fluxes in a semiarid grassland.  2023.  Geoderma. 10.1016/j.geoderma.2023.116530

Zhang, F., Biederman, J.A., Devine, C.D., Pierce, N.A., Yan, D., Javadian, M., Potts, D.L., and Smith, W.K.   Using high frequency digital repeat photography to quantify the sensitivity of a semi-arid grassland ecosystem to the temporal repackaging of precipitation. 2023.  Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 10.1016/j.agrformet.2023.109539

Knowles, J., Badger, A.M., Berkelhammer, M., Biederman, J.A., Bjarke, N.R., Blanken, P.D., Bretfled, M., Burns, S.P., Ewers, B.E.,  Frank, J.M., Hicke, J.A, Lestak, L., Livneh, B., Reed, D.E., Scott, R.L.,  and Molotch, N.P.  Bark beetle impacts on forest evapotranspiration and its partitioning.  2023.  Science of the Total Environment.  10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.163260

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Castellanos, A., Hinojo-Hinojo, C., Rodriguez, J., Romo-Leon, J.R., Wilcox, B.D., Biederman, J.A., and Penuelas, J.  Plant functional diversity influences water and carbon fluxes and use efficiencies in native and disturbed dryland ecosystems.  2022.  Ecohydrology. 10.1002/eco.2415

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