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United States Department of Agriculture

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Current and Future Research
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1) Honey Bee Diet

  • Develop a liquid protein diet to promote stronger and healthier colonies for commercial pollination, queen rearing, and overwintering.
  • Develop a dry and semi solid diet formulation to provide beekeepers with alternative feeding methods.
  • Identify honey bee feeding stimulants from pollen.

2) Varroa Mite Research

  • Study the effect of humidity on mite development.
  • Identify Varroa mite volatiles.
  • Rear Varroa in Laboratory.
  • Explore natural and alternative controls for Varroa.
  • Control Varroa through essential oil enriched honey bee diets.

3) Africanized Honey Bees

  • Improve acceptance and maintenance of European honey bee queens in areas with Africanized honey bees.
  • Prevent the usurpation of European colonies by African swarms.
  • Identify Africanized honey bees samples through morphometrics.

4) Pollination

  • Evaluate pollen transfer mechanisms of genetically modified plants and hybrid crops.

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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