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Jorge Ferreira

Ferreira, J. F. S., D. L. Luthria, T. Sasaki, and A. Heyerick. 2010. Flavonoids from Artemisia annua L. as Antioxidants and Their Potential Synergism with Artemisinin against Malaria and Cancer. Molecules, 15(5):3135-3170

Ferreira, Jorge F.S.and Luthria, Devanand L. 2010. Drying Affects Artemisinin, Dihydroartemisinic Acid, Artemisinic Acid, and the Antioxidant Capacity of Artemisia annua L. Leaves, J. Agricultural Food Chemistry, 58  (3), pp 1691-1698
DOI: 10.1021/jf903222j

Ferreira, J. F. S., K. D. Ritchey, K. L. Cassida, K. E. Turner, and J. M. Gonzalez. 2006. Agrotechnological Aspects of the Anti-malarial Plant Artemisia annua and Its Potential Use in Animal Health in Appalachia. In: Revue des R?gions Arides, Num?ro sp?cial, Actes du s?minaire international, les Plantes ? Parfum, Aromatiques et M?dicinales (International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas, International Symposium on Perfume, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants), November 2-4, Jerba, Tunisia, 797-804.

Ferreira, J. F. S. 2004. Artemisia annua L.: The Hope Against Malaria and Cancer. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Production, Business & Applications . Proceedings of the Jan 15-17/2004 meeting. Mountain State University, Beckley, WV

Ferreira, J., J. Laughlin, N. Delabays, and P. Magalhaes. 2005. Cultivation and Genetics of Artemisia annuaL. for the Increased Production of the Antimalarial Artemisinin. Plant Genetic Resources, 3(2):206-229.

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