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United States Department of Agriculture

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USSL Publications

1939 to Present

Research Publications under the authorship or joint authorship of staff members of the Salinity Laboratory published since its establishment

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Index Numbers*

* When ordering reprints of
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specify the Index Numbers
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Note: Publication years in each group are approximate; overlapping occurs

2003-Present 2001 to 2800
1997-2004 1501 to 2000
1987-1997 1001 to 1500
1971-1989 0501 to 1000
1939-1973 0001 to 0500
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  Director's secretary

Subject: Publication Request
U.S. Salinity Laboratory
450 West Big Springs Road
Riverside, CA 92507-4617


  1. Includes publications under review
  2. Older publications may not be in print
  3. Published papers with "NA" are no longer in print. They can be found in reference collections in agricultural libraries
  4. In several instances, publications are based upon cooperative studies with agricultural experiment stations in the western states and have been * issued as station bulletins under this imprint

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