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Model Descriptions

Model names followed by an * can be downloaded from their abstract pages
CFITM1.01980Estimates CDE solute transport parameters (v, D) from analysis of column breakthrough data
CFITIM1.01981Estimates parameters in several equilibrium and non-equilibrium transport models from solute breakthrough curves
CHAIN1.01984Evaluates analytical solutions for convective-dispersive transport of solutes subject to consecutive decay chain reactions (up to 4 solutes)
CHAIN 2D*1.11994Simulates the movement of water, heat and multiple solutes in two-dimensional variably-saturated porous media
CXTFlT*2.01995Estimates parameters in several equilibrium and non-equilibrium transport models from laboratory or field tracer experiments
3DADE*1.01994Evaluates analytical solutions for two- and three-dimensional equilibrium solute transport
DISC1.02000Computer software for analyzing tension disc infiltrometer data by parameter estimation
2.352006Statistical software package for estimating field scale spatial salinity patterns from electromagnetic induction signal data (for Windows XP)
new item
2.1.12013Numerical software package for estimating changes in solution composition due to changes in soil water content (Windows-based)
new item
3.02011Estimates the film permeability (i.e., mass transfer coefficient) from the analysis of permeability cell concentration data (Windows-based)
GEOPACK*1.01990Geostatistical software package for analyzing spatially correlated data
HYDRUS*6.01998Simulates water, heat and solute movement in one-dimensional variably-saturated porous medium
HYDRUS-1D*3.012005Simulates water, heat and (nonlinear and non-equilibrium) solute movement in one-dimensional variably-saturated porous medium. Windows-based graphical user interface
N3DADE*1.01997Evaluates analytical solutions for two- and three-dimensional non-equilibrium solute transport
Analyzes the hydraulic properties of unsaturated soils

Estimates water retention, saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity from basic soil data (requires 32-bit Windows)

SALT1.01983Analyzes crop salt tolerance response data
SOILC021.21994A predictive simulation model based on process oriented relationships
STANMOD*2.22003Computer Software for Evaluating Solute Transport in Porous Media Using Analytical Solutions of the Convection-Dispersion Equation
SWMS-2D*1.211994Simulates water and solute movement in two-dimensional variably saturated media
SWMS-3D*1.01995Simulates water and solute movement in three-dimensional variably saturated media
1.6 Mac
1995Estimates one-dimensional solute transport through the vadose zone under transient-state conditions
UNSATCHEM-2D1.11993A two-dimensional finite element code for modeling major ion equilibrium and kinetic non-equilibrium chemistry in variably saturated porous media.
UNSATCHEM*2.01996Simulates water, heat, carbon dioxide and solute movement in one-dimensional variably saturated media
UNSODA*2.01999Database and program for indirect methods of estimating unsaturated hydraulic properties
WATSUIT*1.02001Predicts the salinity, sodicity, and toxic-solute concentration