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2015 Conservation Seeding and Diverse Seed Species Performance

2015 Big Sagebrush Transplanting Success in Crested Wheatgrass Stands

2015 Characteristics That Determine a Successful Squirreltail (Elymus elymoides)  

2015 Evaluating Perennial Grass Competition as a Management Tool

2015 The Effect of Annual Precipitation on Agropyron cristatum Suppression of Bromus tectorum

2013 The Fitness Costs of Delayed Germination and Diminutive Growth Response of Cheatgrass

2013 Perennial Grass Establishment Following Cheatgrass Control Using Herbicides

2013 Great Basin Rehabilitation Seedling Success

2012 Evaluating Conservation Practices and Plant Material on Cheatgrass Invaded Landscapes

2012 Effects of the Maternal Environment on Cheatgrass Seed Dormancy

2012 Diorhabda carinulata and Saltceder Control Ten Years Later

2011 Cheatgrass Biomass and Competition Is a greenhouse fight a fair fight

2010 The Practical Use of Intermountain Native Annuals and Assisted Succession

2010 Bromus Tectorum Tempurature Regultated Germination of Three Seed Maturity Stages

2009 The Effect of Discing to reduce Cheatgrass Densities Following Wildfires

2009 Seed Polymorphism in Two Western Nevada Indian Ricegrass Communities

2009 Germination Comparisons of Crested WHeatgrass Cultivars, 'Hycrest' and 'Hycrest II'

2008 Kearney's Buckwheat

2008 Cheatgrass Response to Simulated Grazing

2008 Big Sagebrush Seed Bank Densities Following Wildfires

2007 Reclamation of Pipeline Right-of-ways on Rangelands

2007 Reclamation Efforts at the Lockwood, Nevada Landfill

2007 Blue Mustard in the Western Great Basin

2006 Loss of Critical Browse Communities on the Charles Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

2006 Cheatgrass Seed Banks 30 years After the Hallelujah Junction Wildfire

2005 Mustard Species as New Invasive Weeds

2004 The Effect of Micro-Nutrient Seed treatment on Perennial Grass Emergence and Establishment

2004 Bull Thistle The Forgotten Rangeland Weed