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Entomology Research
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Entomology Lab

Current research projects include:

  1. Biological control of invasive annual grasses (candidate agents now under study)
  2. Cheatgrass (2 insects, 1 mite)
  3. Medusahead (1 insect, 1 mite)
  4. Red brome (1 mite)
  5. Monitoring insects/mites on invasive grasses in Great Basin
  6. Genetic analysis of invasive grass species
  7. Genetic and biological studies of plant-feeding mites
  8. Parallel evolution in berry-utilizing insects across juniper species


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Dr. Brian Rector

Research Entomologist

920 Valley Rd. Reno , NV

Office: (775) 784-6057    


Technician: Kirk Tonkel