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June 14-15  Nevada section of the Society for Range Management Summer tour and meeting Elko NV. 

This year’s tour focused on grazing for fuels management, post fire rehabilitation and herbicide cheatgrass control and seeding efforts. Charlie Clements and Dan Harmon attended and presented data on herbicide use and seeding efforts at Izzenhood Nevada.

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Jan 10-11 2017 

The Nevada Section of The Society For Range Management  will host it's winter meeting at the Nugget in Reno Nevada.  This years theme will be "Plant Materials and Methodologies for Great Basin Rangelands"  and will have four presenters from 3 Agricultural Research Service Locations.



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July 29 2016

Charlie Clements (president elect Nevada section of the Society of Range Management), Dan Harmon and Tye Morgan participated in the Nevada section Summer Field Tour held in Eureka Nevada. Dozens of attendees included Stakeholders, numerous agencies and local agriculturists.  (link to tour summary "click")

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(top left) Tye Morgan discussed her and Dr. Blank's work with biochar, a product from juniper removal. (top right) Demonstration of land ownership boundaries, private and public land management and sage grouse habitat.  (bottom left) The group visits a juniper removal, chipping and biochar processing site. (bottom right) Charlie Clements discusses the importance of long term management at a chainsaw juniper removal site that had been previously controlled by chaining decades before.

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May 4 2016

Four researchers from the GBRRU presented at the Nevada Committee for the Conservation of Plant Materials annual meeting.  Dr. Weltz presented "ARS seeding work and Studies", Dr. Newingham presented "Post-fire Rehabilitation Evaluations", Dr. Blank presented " Cheatgrass Engineering/Perennial Grass Suppression: The Yin and Yang of Plant Competition in northern Nevada" and Charlie Clements presented "Practical and Effective Revegetation of Rangelands"

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(left) Dr. Weltz discussing the Unit’s numerous seeding projects. (right) Dr. Blank explaining all the fascinating

soil mechanisms and plant interactions that occur between perennial grass and cheat grass.

October 2015

The Reno NV unit had multiple presenters at the 2015 Nevada Weed Management Association Conference and Medusahead Symposium, held in Sparks NV Oct 26-29.  Attendees included many state and federal agencies, universities, agricultural industries and  stakeholders.

March 2015

Dr. Newingham attended the annual Great Basin Consortium Conference in Boise ID.  This 4th annual conference mission was to increase communication and coordination among the partner organizations.

February 2015

Many people from the Unit attended the Society for Range Management annual meeting in Sacramento CA. Research was presented with posters, presentations and symposia.  Photo: Dan Harmon and Dr. Newingham at the poster session. Dr. Blank discusses his work and posters with attendees.


January 2015

Dan Harmon presented a talk on "Range Management Contrasts: Annual Grass, Perennial Native, and Annual/Perennial Co-Dominated Rangelands; What Works and Why" at the annual winter meeting of the Nevada Section of the Society of Range Management in Carson City Nevada. 




November 2014

Dr. Bob Blank, Charlie Clements, Tye Morgan and Dan Harmon attended the first ever Nevada Governors Conference on Agriculture. It provided a great opportunity to meet stakeholders and producers as well as display some of our ongoing agricultural research.


link to conference highlights below



September 2014

The GBRRU attended the University of Nevada Reno Annual Field Day September 20.  The event was open to the general public and provided valuable opportunity to interact with the public from concerned stakeholders to elementary school students.


August 2014

Dr. Snyder along with collaborators from the University of Nevada Reno and the Smith Creek Ranch hosted a field tour of the Porter Canyon Experimental Watershed.  A large group of land managers, researchers, and Nevada representatives attended the day long meeting.

July 2014

Dr. Keirith Snyder was invited to speak at the Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition (ENLC) and the Nevada Pinyon-Juniper Partnership (NPJP) joint summer conference July 15-17 Sparks Nevada.  Dr. Snyder presented as part of a panel on Lessons, Tools & Applications for Landscape-Scale Restoration.  She discussed her ongoing work at the Porter Canyon Experimental Watershed 3 hours east of Reno in the Desatoya Mountain Range.


June 2014

Charlie Clements was invited to participate at the Nevada Section of the Society of Range Management summer field tour June 12-13 Kings River, Nevada. Charlie Clements and Dan Harmon discussed their ongoing work at the Horse Creek Conservation Area.  Topics included wildfire, cheatgrass management and rehabilitation seeding.



Two accomplishments from the unit were selected by ARS and USDA and presented in the FY13 Annual Reporting on Technology Transfer in USDA.  Dr. Weltz's work on hydrology and erosion (Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model tool implemented : page 110) and Dr. Longland's work with desert rodents and seed caching (Rodents can enhance restoration efforts in Great Basin environments: page 111) were both highlighted under the National Program 215 Forage and Rangeland Systems in the Downstream Outcomes section of the report.


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