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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Richard C Johnson

Research Agronomist

     59 Johnson Hall, WSU
     Pullman, WA 99164-6402

R.C. Johnson

Area of Specialization

Plant Genetic Resource Management, Genetics, and Plant Environmental Stress Resistance


1981 -Ph.D. Agronomy
Kansas State University, Manhatten, KS
1978 -M.S. Agronomy
Washington State University, Pullman, WA
1976 -B.S. Agronomy
Washington State University, Pullman, WA
1974 -B.S. Wildlife Biology
Washington State University, Pullman, WA

Professional Experience

1987 - PresentResearch Agronomist
USDA-ARS Western Regional Plant Introduction Station
Pullman, WA
1981 - 1987Assistant & Associate Professor of Agronomy
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK
1981 - 1981Research Fellow
International Agriculture Center
Center for Agrobiological Research
Wageningen, Netherlands
1978 - 1981 Graduate Research Assistant
Kansas State University
Manhatten, KS
1976 - 1978 Graduate Research Assistant
Washington State University
Pullman, WA

Selected Professional Activities and Awards

James Whatley Award for Excellence in Agricultural Research, Oklahoma State University, Division of Agriculture, 1987

Associate Editor, Agronomy Journal, 1987-89, and Crop Science, 1996-1997

Chair-elect (1996), Chair (1997), Past-chair (1998), Plant Genetic Resources Division (C-8), Crop Science of America

Board of Directors, Crop Science Society of America, 1996-97

Chair, Crop Science Subcommittee on Crop Registration for Sunflower, Safflower, and Other Oilseeds, 1995-2000

Elected Fellow, Crop Science Society of America and American Society of Agronomy, 2001

The Grass Breeders Work Planning Conference members Letter of Commendation concerning grass germplasm preservation and evaluation to Edward Knipling, ARS Administrator, 2002

Award as "A Model for Conservation of Genetic Resources" presented by the International Scientific Committee for the Second International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture for Food, Energy and Industry, Beijing, China, 2002

Organizer of workshop "Restoring and Sustaining Western Landscapes: Interaction with Climate Change" sponsored by the Ecological Society of America meetings, 2009

Advisor for Feysal Mustefa, a Vavilov-Frankel Fellow, on project for molecular marker diversity in Ethiopian Landraces of safflower, 2011

Organizer for Symposium "Seed zones, climate change, and utilization of native plants for ecological restoration" for the Society for Ecological Society for Restoration 4th World Conference Aug 21-26 2011, M?rida, Mexico

Chair, International Safflower Germplasm Committee, 1997-2012

Contributing partner for the 2012 Forest Service/BLM Joint Conservation Project Award for the Great Basin Native Plant Selection and Increase Project.

Selected Publications

Author/coauthor of more than 160 scientific papers, book chapters, articles, and abstracts. Below are selected publications:

Johnson, R.C., A A. Hopkins, and M.A. Evans. 2008. Carbon Isotope Discrimination, Selection Response, and Forage Production of Tall Fescue in Contrasting Environments. Crop Sci. 48:1048-1054.

Johnson, R.C. and Dajue Li. 2008. Safflower Winter Survival and Selection Response Relates to Fall Growth Morphology and Acclimation Capacity. Crop Sci. 48: 1872-1880

Johnson, R.C., and Dajue Li. 2008. Registration of WSRC01, WSRC02, and WSRC03 Winter Hardy Safflower Germplasm. Journal of Plant Registration 2:140-142.

Johnson, R.C. 2008. Genebanks Pay Big Dividends to Agriculture, the Environment, and Human Welfare. Public Library of Science.

Clement, S.L. L.J. Smith, J. Prena, M.D. Kleene, and R.C. Johnson. 2009. Introduced seed biocontrol agent colonizes crop species in Idaho: host expansion or opportunistic behavior? Biocontrol Science and Technology 19:455-461.

Casler, M.D., R.C. Johnson, R.E. Barker, M.M. Jenderek, Y.A. Papadopolous, and J.H. Cherney. 2010. Feasibility of Seed Production from Non-flowering Orchardgrass. Crop Sci. 50: 35-42

Johnson, R.C., W.J. Johnston, F.B. Bertoli, and C.T. Golob. 2010. Seed yield, development, and variation in diverse Poa pratensis accessions. Crop Sci. 50:337-344.

Johnson, R.C., V. J. Erickson, N. L. Mandel, J. B. St Clair, K. W. Vance-Borland. 2010. Mapping genetic variation and seed zones for Bromus carinatus in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon, U.S.A. Botany 88: 725-736.

Pecetti, L., R.C. Johnson, M. Romani, M. Bassignana, and G. Della Marianna. 2011. Ecological characterization of supina bluegrass (Poa supina Schrad.) germplasm from the Italian Alps. Grass and Forage Science 66: 88-92

Johnson, R.C., T.J. Kisha, L. Pecetti. M. Romani, and P. Richter. 2011. Characterization of Poa supina from the Italian Alps with AFLP markers and correlation with climatic variables. Crop Science 51: 1627-1636.

Jakubowski, A.R., R.D. Jackson, R.C. Johnson, J. Hu, and M. D Casler. 2011. Genetic diversity and population structure of Eurasian populations of reed canarygrass: Cytotypes, cultivars, and interspecific hybrids. Crop and Pasture Science 62: 982-991

Johnson, R.C., M. J. Cashman, and K. Vance-Borland. 2012. Genecology and seed zones for Indian ricegrass collected in the Southwestern US. Rangeland Ecology and Management 65: 523-532.

Johnson, R.C., S.E. Petrie, Mar?a Clara Franchini, and Marc Evans. 2012. Yield and Yield Components of Winter-Type Safflower. Crop Sci. 52: 2358-2364.

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