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Pullman, WA - Environmental Systems Policy Statement
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Title: Environmental Management System Policy Statement

Date: 10/24/11 - Reviewed annually and updated when applicable

Originating Office: Don Knowles, Location Coordinator, ARS Pullman

This Replaces: 2006

Distribution: ARS Headquarters and Research Unit Locations - Pullman

This policy statement outlines USDA-ARS Pullman's commitment to protecting human health and the environment.

The policy statement is available on the Location's Safety Sharepoint site and the ARS Pullman Location Home website

USDA-ARS Pullman, WA

Environmental Management System

Policy Statement - 2011 (Reviewed annually - Updated when applicable)

(The policy statement is available on the Location's Safety Sharepoint site and the ARS Pullman Location Home website)

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The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Pullman Location conducts research to develop solutions to agricultural problems of high regional and national priority. In conjunction with this mission, ARS is committed to protecting human health and the environment; meeting or exceeding Federal, State, and local laws, regulations, codes, and guidelines; and employing sustainable pollution prevention practices. Whenever feasible, ARS will utilize pollution prevention initiatives as the means for achieving compliance. We will strive to minimize environmental impacts and continually improve our safety, health and environmental performance by:

? Maintaining a policy of commitment to environmental excellence.

? Developing annual goals, objectives, and targets to advance our program performance in terms of both regulated and unregulated impacts.

? Considering safety, health and environmental impacts when making policy, planning, purchasing, and operating decisions.

? Identifying and complying with pertinent requirements in Federal, State, and local laws and regulations; permits; Department of Agriculture and ARS policies and procedures; and industry codes that we must adhere to.

? Striving to identify and amend activities in the office, field, greenhouse, and laboratory for minimal impact on the environment.

? Requesting the necessary resources to successfully carry out our goals, objectives, and targets.

? Making personnel aware of their safety, health and environmental roles and responsibilities, providing appropriate training, and holding employees accountable for their performance and actions, including recognizing them for outstanding performance.

? Effectively communicating with employees, collaborators, stakeholders, customers, and the general public regarding our commitment to the environment and soliciting their input in developing and achieving our goals and objectives.

? Routinely monitoring our safety, health and environmental operations and conducting periodic inspections, audits, and reviews to ascertain that we meet applicable standards and to evaluate our program effectiveness.

? Correcting identified deficiencies in a timely manner and taking appropriate steps to prevent their recurrence.

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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