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Pullman Facilities
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Western Regional Plant Introduction Station

The Palouse Region

The Palouse Region

Station facilities are located on the campus of Washington State University (WSU) in Pullman, Washington and on a farm at Central Ferry, Washington. This part of eastern Washington is called the Palouse, a region of extremely rich soil that is extensively farmed. The Palouse is composed of hills created by glacial soil blown in from the west by prevailing winds.

Washington State University

Washington State University Campus

The station at WSU is a cooperative federal/state project managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service and is part of the National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS). Physical resources in Pullman include office and laboratory space in Johnson Hall, greenhouses and growth chamber rooms, two screenhouses, and the Seed Storage building. Farmland includes 15 field sites across four farms, totaling 36 acres near Pullman.

Pullman Farm

The Pullman Farm

The Pullman farm facility is the harbor of farm operations for Plant Germplasm and Introduction. Accessions are increased, cleaned and dried here before being placed in cold storage and/or distributed.

Seed Storage

Inside View of Seed StoragenOutside View of Seed Storagen

Over 93,500 accessions of seeds maintained by WRPIS are kept in a cold storage facility on the WSU campus at Pullman. The seeds are stored in metal or plastic containers and manila envelopes in a room maintained at 4? C (39? Fahrenheit) and around 30% relative humidity. Clonal germplasm is maintained in a separate cold room maintained at 12-13? C (54? Fahrenheit) and around 50% relative humidity. Back-up and regeneration samples are maintained at or below -18? C storage temperature in a separate walk in freezer unit.

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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