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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Plant Germplasm Personnel
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Name Phone (509) Email

Jinguo Hu,
Research Leader,

Station Coordinator
      James Dann,
      Program Support Assistant
      IT Specialist
      Lisa Taylor,
      Biological Science Technician
      Erik Landry,
      Research Geneticist
Dave Stout,
Seed Storage Manager
      Meg Gollnick,
      Biological Science Technician
      Kay Morris,
      Seed Technician
Kurt Tetrick,
Farm Manager, Central Ferry
      Kyall Hagemeyer
      Biological ScienceTechnician
Sean Vail
Farm Manager, Pullman
      Saber Glass,
      Seed Cleaning Technician
R.C. Johnson,
Research Agronomist
      Michael Cashman,
      Plant Biologist
      Jessica McGowan,
      Biological Science Technician
Ted Kisha,
Geneticist, Phaseolus Curator
      Dawn Tachell,
      Phaseolus Technician
Frank Dugan,
Research Plant Pathologist
      Shari Lupien,
      Plant Pathology Technician
Vicki Bradley,
Agronomy Curator
      Bob Guenthner,
      Agronomy Technician
Clarice Coyne,
Cool Season Food Legume Curator
      Britton Bourland,
      Legume Technician
Barbara Hellier,
Horticulture Crops and Beet Curator
      William Luna,
      Greenhouse Technician
      Marie Pavelka,
      Horticulture Technician
      Alex Cornwall,
      Biological Sciences Technician


Name Phone (509) Email
Brian Irish
      Sandya Kesoju,
      Postdoctoral Research Associate
786-9299 x
      Martha Estela Cervantes,
      Biological Science Technician
      Jesse Prieto,
      Biological Science Aid
Long Xi Yu,
Research Geneticist (Plants)

      William (Bill) Boge,
      Biological Science Lab Technician 
      Martha C. Rivera,
      Biological Science Technician

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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